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We believe in Metal Slug 7 videos

We've heard some pretty bad things about how the Japanese version of Metal Slug 7 turned out, and that's so sad! Because it continues to look so awesome in trailers! Look at this one, in which a giant walking robot mows down tanks, trucks, helicopters, and even another giant walking robot!

We're just going to continue thinking it's awesome until we play the final US version, for our own sakes. It's a lot more fun to watch videos like this (and several more new videos at IGN) and look forward to playing it. There'll be plenty of time to be disappointed later. And at least it isn't Commando: Steel Disaster.

Gallery: Metal Slug 7

Quick guide for running Neo Geo games on your DS

If you've often daydreamed of running Neo Geo games on your DS, but never thought it'd actually happen because of your technical incompetence, unfounded fears, or bad credit, Racketboy will make your dreams come true with a homebrew guide for loading up NeoDS and playing these expensive arcade releases.

Though the process is a bit more complicated than emulating (non-pirated) games for other systems on the DS, this walkthrough breaks down all the required steps for getting started. Jump past the post break for a video preview of Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves, King of Fighters 2003, and Metal Slug X will look like on your portable once you get NeoDS running.

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Michael Bay presents: Metal Slug 7

The latest trailer for Metal Slug 7 gets a computer-generated "brushed steel and industrial noises" presentation usually reserved for commercials about truck sales ... or movies for dudes. It makes huge, bombastic claims: "THE ULTIMATE CHARACTERS." "THE ULTIMATE WEAPONS." "THE ULTIMATE GAME."

Like a Michael Bay movie, Metal Slug 7 is full of big explosions, big machines, and big explosions. And like the average Michael Bay movie, it's going to be a challenge to get all the way through it. However, unlike, say, Transformers, we expect to enjoy Metal Slug 7 for as many as two hours. Probably more!

Gallery: Metal Slug 7

[Via press release]

Debut footage of Kimi no Yuusha

SNK Playmore unleashed footage from their recently-announced Kimi no Yuusha, an RPG slated for Japanese release this winter. The good news? The battles look three billion times better (we counted) in motion than they did in the recent scans. We still don't know a lot about what's going on here, but we do know there is violence of the roleplaying variety afoot ... and that's pretty much all we need.

Kimi no Yuusha comes to life in Famitsu

The latest issue of Famitsu revealed a new game for the DS, which releases in Japan this winter. Called Kimi no Yuusha, we don't know much about the title other than it looks absolutely adorable. It was also revealed that SNK Playmore is the developer behind the game, and it's some sort of light novel and RPG combination.

The two main characters are a blue-haired girl named Wanda (pictured right) and a blond-haired girl named Tio. The 2D battle graphics in the scans aren't all that pretty, but the rest of the art seems very pleasing. When we find out more details about this cute-looking game, we'll be sure to let you know.

Metal Slug 7 bombarding Europe this year

The unsourced rumor of a 2008 European Metal Slug 7 release date must be acknowledged. It turns out that Europeans will not only get Metal Slug 7 in 2008, but they will also get it pretty much the same time as everywhere else. A press release has come through and announced an "Autumn 2008" release. Yes, that means Fall -- Autumn is for those lame Europeans and non-lame Australians.

To accompany this timely news, five new screens of the kill-o-rama have been updated in our gallery. With seven brand new missions six playable characters and apparently the biggest SLUG vehicle ever, this is exactly what hardcore Metal Slug fans need.

Gallery: Metal Slug 7

[Via press release]

Doki Doki Majo site updates with new trailer

The official website for Doki Doki Majo Shinpan Duo recently updated with a new trailer, showing off everything you'd expect from a sequel to Doki Doki Majo Shinpan. There's an introduction for each of the game's characters, as well as brief snippets of gameplay tossed in for good measure. Oh, and near the end, you can get a look at the big Limited Edition package of the game.

Gallery: Doki Doki Majo Shinpan Duo

Metal Slug 7 in 2008 for Europe?

According to French gaming site Wiiz, our brothers and sisters across the pond might be getting Metal Slug 7 later this year. Should this go down, we imagine you'll be just as intoxicated by the action on your DS as we will be when the title hits U.S. shores.

Considering that Wiiz doesn't source anyone for this "news," however, we're going to keep this one filed under the Rumors section.

Gallery: Metal Slug 7

[Via Go Nintendo]

Metal Slug 7 rescues North America this fall

Ignition Entertainment has finally offered some hint as to when Metal Slug 7 will be released stateside in a press release sent out today. The company specified a fall release for the SNK Playmore-developed (and co-published) run-and-gun sequel.

"Truth be told, I have a pink DS and was embarrassed to play it in public," said Ajay Chadha, Ignition president. "Now with Metal Slug 7 loaded, I have no qualms," said Ajay Chadha, President of Ignition Entertainment. Good thing this was a textual release and not an audio announcement, because it would have been really hard to say that with his tongue that far in cheek.

Along with the release window, Ignition sent out the American boxart, which, we are happy to say, isn't completely different from the great Japanese art. The contrast has been increased, and the logo has been moved into a more prominent position and framed by explodies, but we fully approve of those minor changes.

Gallery: Metal Slug 7

Metal Slug 7 site updates with new screens

The official site for upcoming SNK title, Metal Slug 7, has updated with some new goodies for fans. For those of you who want to know more about the cast of the game, there's an updated character profile page. Also, you'll find a boatload of screens showing off gameplay, the rankings screens and "Combat School," which looks like training missions.

You can find all of the new screens in our gallery below, so head on in and check out the eye candy.

Gallery: Metal Slug 7

[Via Go Nintendo]

Metal Slug 7 boxart will soon wrap copies of Metal Slug 7

The appearance of a boxart image for Metal Slug 7 means that SNK is one step closer to putting the game in boxes and shipping it out to stores in Japan (which happens on July 17!). Then, some time in the future, it'll get shipped out to the U.S. Then, shooting stuff time!

Even without the portent of Metal Slug on the way, we'd be happy with this boxart, which can only be described as classic SNK -- detailed, colorful hand-painted art that would be right at home adorning the box for a $300 game. Hopefully SNK realizes it would be cheaper to keep the same awesome art for the American box, rather than replacing it with something boring.

Behind the emulator: NeoDS developer interviewed

We thought that creating a Neo Geo emulator on the DS was a pretty noteworthy achievement. GameSetWatch contributor Alistair Wallis agreed, and he sought out the developer of NeoDS, Ben Ingram, for an interview.

Ingram goes into enough detail about the development of a homebrew emulation program, and assigning functions of the Neo Geo's processors to the DS's, that, well, we pretty much lost him right away. But if you do know anything at all about computing, this is really interesting. It's really interesting anyway, just to see what kind of stuff a homebrew developer has to think about when creating a new DS application.

Metal Slug 7 trailer introduces new Super Vehicles

Now, for some less ... awkward SNK news: this trailer for Metal Slug 7 is so not about harassing schoolgirls that you could probably be seen looking at it. You may even be able to bring yourself to buy this game in a store, without a disguise on.

There's enough content in the trailer to motivate us to make such a non-incognito purchase, as well. The animation looks wonderful, at least as far as we can tell from YouTube, and there are at least two awesome new vehicles: the Slug Truck, a mine cart thing, and Slug Giganto, a giant robot! Even minor features like the prisoner database sound great.

Gallery: Metal Slug 7

[Via NeoGAF]

Doki Doki Majo Shinpan Duo's limited-edition stuff

A few weeks ago, we saw concept art of the promotional stuff SNK's using to try to trick Japanese otaku into dropping $91 for the "Special Box" edition of Doki Doki Majo Shinpan Duo, including two Nendoroid figurines. Now pictures of the real materials are online to look at, in case you would like to see what people are going to be waiting nervously in front of Akihabara electronics stores for.

In addition to the Maho Akai and Seika Koron figurines and Lulu and Kuro phone strap, the set comes with a guidebook to the students in the game's schools, and a color-changing card that allows you to rub the image of a sweater off of a picture of Haori Kureha. And shame. Shame is in the box.

More new characters to bother in Doki Doki Majo Shinpan Duo

New screens of SNK's awkward adventure sequel Doki Doki Majo Shinpan Duo have revealed three new characters: another angel who will compel Akuji to annoy and prod girls in his ongoing witch hunt, and ... another girl, no doubt to be annoyed and prodded. Also some guy!

The bespectacled angel Senome comes from the same angel world as Lulu and the demonic-looking Kuro, and keeps up on the latest angel-world news via "Angelnet." Which sounds rather like SNK is portraying her as an angel Internet nerd. Cute!

Seiji is a school friend of Akuji's who is, for some reason, unpopular. Also he may be a girl, because we can't tell sometimes.

The (obvious) girl, Himeki, is a self-styled reporter who carries a camera around to document everything she sees. She becomes interested in the reports of supernatural activity on campus, though something tells us she will soon wish she had not investigated it.

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