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How old were you when you first heard 'Nintendo?'

Oh, we're not asking. This time, Miyamoto is. It seems the master himself is looking for more stories of happy gamers to add to his collection. At Yahoo! Answers, he's asked, "How old were you when you first heard the term, 'Nintendo,' and what does the name mean to you now?" With hundreds of answers and counting, it's likely he'll end up with more nostalgia than you could shake a mushroom at.

Since many of us started with Nintendo, back in a time when everyone was a Nintendo fan and no one was a fan of anything else, we've already hashed over a lot of the 'first encounter' memories. But the second prong of the question is intriguing. What does Nintendo mean to us now? There are a lot of possible answers, but most of them boil down to one thing: if you're here at DS Fanboy, then 'Nintendo' probably means fun. Through the ups and downs, for us, Nintendo always means a good time.

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3-16-2007 @ 4:18PM

JBGUY2K said...

2 years old, yo! Been playing ever since... too bad I mostly played at friend's houses. I never got a Nintendo console of my own till SNES when I was seven. Cool thing is, my SNES still works, even after 12 years of playing.


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3-16-2007 @ 5:43PM

Nushio said...

For as long as I can remember, Nintendo's always been there.

I'm 19 years old btw.

I do remember having an Atari, but I liked the NES a lot more :P


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3-16-2007 @ 5:52PM

MasterBrowser said...

First *heard* when I was 8 years old. I think their slogan was "Now you're playing with power". I Remember R.O.B was in the was pretty fancy stuff back then, especially compared
to Coleco Visions and Atari XL machines...
First time I *saw* the Nintendo name was a year earlier in those small Game & Watch machines being sold in small electronic shops in the city.

Now I feel old. :P


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3-16-2007 @ 5:53PM

Miranda said...

I'm 37 years old. The first time I ever heard of Nintendo was when Donkey Kong was first in the arcades, which would have been the early 80s. So, I would've been about 11 or 12.


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3-16-2007 @ 6:41PM

shadow said...

since before i was 1, my mom ALWAYS played the nes, and i would watch


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3-16-2007 @ 6:42PM

vakerrokero said...

I started playing Atari 2600 around 1985,Since here in Mexico it was only available in the black market and very expensive The console was around $130 dollars and games were around $30. it was pretty much "underground" until about 87 when everyone had one and we traded games for a week. I had maybe like 5 games but were pretty good: Pacman, Robotron, Missile Commander and Joust I think...
one day I went to a cousin's house and they were playing this game about some crabs and turtles and it was a two player, it was called "Mario Bros." was very fun and like the art on the sticker so I decided I had to have it. How can you have a game no one else has and these guys didn't care about it AND was impossible to fins another? I stole it! hahaha. Guess now that I think about it, Nintendo almost turned me into a criminal since the first one is just a warning hahaha.

One day my dad decided I was going to be pretty good with computers (kind of imposing) so he got me an Atari Xe to start learning BASIC and he got two games for me, "Donkey Kong Jr." and "Hangman" but it came in a cassette tape and since it got chewed by the tape player in like week just played Donkey Kong Jr. and then I realized "hey I know that monkey on the cage! it is from that game in the arcade! the one with the throwing barrels thing next to Burger Time!... the plot thickens. I dropped out of gaming once I started with BASIC programming at age 12, until one day I was in the arcades and they had a new game called "Super Mario Bros", I was like "I've heard that name before, was it a cartoon? I'll rather play Street Fighter..." But then my neighbor totally rocked the whole town! he got a "Nintendo Entertaintment System" with that game from the arcade... but he had another game that rocked my world Punch Out! then I started thinking... "Hey that game is named like another one in the arcade, but this one looks cartoony and the arcade one looks very expensive with that green wires transparent guy... could they be from the same company? what is this Nintendo?" A year later I finally got my own NES and I had already mastered Super Mario Bros before even buying my own... I started to get bored but one day a rare thing happened, A Nintendo TV commercial, about Super Mario Bros 2, the sequel! "Holy shit!! there's another one!!!!" adn then some guy told me, "did you know you can rent these ? you don't have to wait until the store finally sell them, this guy I know in this rich neighboorhood has tons of them and you can rent them like Beta movies!" (here in Mexico we never had VHS just Betas, funny...).

After all this I've come to the conclusion the first time I heard Nintendo I was around 12 years old, but started played Nintendo games since like 5, but I didn't know they were Miyamoto games, I was born 1979 by the way...


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3-16-2007 @ 7:29PM

hvnlysoldr said...

Since I was 3. I would play Duck Hunt/Super Mario Brothers on my neighbor's NES. Nintendo means fun and the future of games.


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3-16-2007 @ 11:22PM

Ibrahim said...

When I was 6 I borrowed my cousin's NES for 6 months. He's now married. This was in 1996 though, so I think by then it was kind of outdated. I'm pretty sure I used to play it a lot at his house though, so probably around the age of 5. Unfortunately, I don't remember being very good at Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt was a lot easier. I think I only got to around world 6, and that was via warp zones.


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3-16-2007 @ 11:27PM

Kenny said...

My uncle bought one when it first came out. So, I would have been about 9 years old. I remember he had Kung Fu and I used to play that a lot.



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3-17-2007 @ 12:26AM

DAve said...



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Trevor Smiley11

3-17-2007 @ 10:59AM

Trevor Smiley said...

i was 4 when i first started playing my uncle's nintendo and i got my first nes when i turned 5.


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3-18-2007 @ 9:30AM

Germ said...

I reeeallly got a late start. When I was 13 I got my first video game: the GBA SP. I loved it. I played it anytime I could.

Then, once the DS lite came out, I burned my own money and got one. I am now playing it every chance I get.

In late January, I got some inside info and got my first console: the Wii. I really don't care if it has "mediocre grafix", because it is EXCELLENT compared to the DS.

Yeah yeah, I know what you are going to say. I do live in America, good old Texas to be exact. I am not Amish, poor, or anything else. I just got a late start is all.

Thank you DS and Wii Fanboy because without you, I would probably be buying "Dora's amazing star adventure"!



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3-18-2007 @ 3:28PM

lo0gie said...

around 86 , 87, i was 10 , 11 years old.. ohh the great gyromite!


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3-20-2007 @ 12:10AM

Katotetu said...

3 years old.

I moved into a new neighborhood, and one of my new friends asked me if I wanted to play Nintendo.

I thought it was a board game :D

Technically, we played the Super NES (Mario Kart made a lasting impression on me :D)


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