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DS Daily: Europe goes silver

Anyone who had their eye on this baby is in luck -- if they're in Europe, that is. Stores have begun advertising the Metallic Silver (Gloss Silver in Japan) DS Lite on the continent. Considering Canada and the U.S. just got the special Brain Age 2 DS Lite, this is good timing for European gamers. But is it the one you want? And to our readers on this side of the Atlantic -- are you interested in the Silver Lite? Do you think this release will be expanded, or is each region going to continue getting different colors?

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8-28-2007 @ 9:43AM

David said...

Nah. Different colours (note the spelling - I'm European) are nice, but in fact only interesting when you're getting ready to buy one. I wouldn't sell my DS just to get a silver one. Still, I hope they make all colours and bundles available everywhere, in the future.


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8-28-2007 @ 9:45AM

ozroller said...

Mmmmm, the silver is nice and classy, not like the garish red and black Brain Age version. Now this is a handheld games device that you can set your watch to.


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8-28-2007 @ 10:31AM

Linka said...

I'm still holding onto the faint hope that maybe, one day, we might get the Enamel Navy Blue DS Lite. Just... Maybe. Metallic Silver is nice, but I'd rather have the blue.

But I do agree with the first guy. Different colors are nice, but it's only best when you're first getting a Lite. People won't sell a perfectly good system to help buy a new one, especially if you still have to transfer things like Wi-Fi ID over.


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8-28-2007 @ 10:34AM

MrTyzik said...

I'm not in Europe but I wonder if this has the crappy LCD like the BA2 red & black one.


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Pessimist For Life5

8-28-2007 @ 10:37AM

Pessimist For Life said...

Black is best


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8-28-2007 @ 10:57AM

Liqwid said...

Red on Black is best.


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8-28-2007 @ 1:49PM

RupeeClock said...

Oooh, nice, Silver.

I may need to pick up a new DS lite soon since:
1: Hinge crack that sounds worse every time I upon it
2: Scratched touch screen
3: Touch screen calibration off and inreversable
4: Left speaker seems to be damaged

I just hope that this won't have the lame LCD screen that the Brain Age promo DS does.


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8-28-2007 @ 2:34PM

Thomas said...

Well, I'm in France, and I would rather buy an Enamel Navy or a red and black (if all the exterior was black it would be perfect), than a silver, but... it's still better than a white or black... (I still have my DS Tank and am considering switching sometime)


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Pizza Pasta9

8-28-2007 @ 2:39PM

Pizza Pasta said...

I'm going to Japan in October and I plan on smuggling an enamel navy DS Lite back ala Midnight Express.


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8-28-2007 @ 9:28PM

Chazz said...

I hope some new colors come out soon. I'm planning on upgrading from my phat when zelda and contra 4 come out.


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8-30-2007 @ 3:25AM

jesus_bon_jovi said...

@ RupeeClock

Is your DS still under Warranty? (thats a lot of problems)

My DS had the calibration thrown off (most likely from too much Ouendan) and i had it fixed no questions asked by nintendo AND they gave me another 1 year warranty, the guy waiting in line infront of me (i went to an authorized Nintedo repair center) had his replaced due to a hinge crack i believe.


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8-31-2007 @ 11:22AM

spinel said...

I've recently got my metallic rose one from Japan. (: And its lovely, considering the fact they do not have it here in the rest of Asia


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9-09-2007 @ 7:11AM

sayagila said...

i wish they give any news about the silver goes to australia soon, otherwise i'll go with the black one... oh wait... maybe i shall lurk more in ebay to find a silver one O_o


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