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Phoenix Wright: Sales for All

Amazon has cut the price of Phoenix Wright: Justice for All, the sequel to everyone's favorite court-based adventure game, bringing it down to $19.99. We don't expect this deal to last for long, so race your shopping cart to the checkout lane as fast as your feet will allow.

If for some reason, God forbid, you haven't played Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney yet and are hesitant to start the series midway through, don't forget that you can also pick up a used copy at GameStop or EB Games for as low as $21.99! We admit, that's still pretty expensive for a game as old as this one, but it's better than paying full price. All you'll need to take advantage of this sorta-bargain is the coupon we posted earlier this morning.

EGM so-so over Phoenix Wright, anoints Hotel Dusk

While we haven't seen it, word is that the upcoming issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly has some very interesting scores (and reviews) for a pair of upcoming DS titles. The March issue takes a look at both Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All and Hotel Dusk: Room 215 (it's long title month around here), and offers a lackluster-to-good range of scores for one, and great scores to the other ... and it's not the way that you may think.

Word on the street forums is that the scores for the two games in the issue are as follows:

Justice for All
: 6.0, 7.0, 8.0
Hotel Dusk: 8.0, 8.0, 10 (yeah, that's a ten)

Now, it's true that this edition of Phoenix Wright is not judged to be the best by those who've played deeper into the series, and those are decent and respectable scores (which mean nothing, since we're all playing it anyway, and probably twice). But the scores for Hotel Dusk are surprising, and something of a relief as well. Whether or not you're a fan of EGM, it's nice to see such enthusiastic review scores. As a point of comparison, Trace Memory (often invoked when mentioning Hotel Dusk) scored much lower with EGM -- that game posted an average score of 6.17.

[Via Go Nintendo]

Friday Video: getting ready for some Justice

Earlier we brought you the print edition metareview, and now it's time for the trailer for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All, the second installment in what is probably the most-discussed franchise around here, and for good reason. This is one guy who needs no introduction. Are you counting down the days yet? We certainly are! And that's why this trailer is this week's featured video.

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2007: the year of the DS (again)

2006 was a banner year for gamers, particularly DS gamers. We've got it all: a rainbow of system colors, an incredible library of games, and powerful studios clamoring for a piece of the action. Our favorite handheld consistently rocked out, thundering over the competition -- all the competition -- for the entire year. The DS avalanche of awesome can't possibly continue at this rate ... and yet, when we look at the forthcoming year and the incredible parade of titles set for the year, it seems that the DS will, in fact, continue to dominate global gaming.

And we're totally okay with that. Just so you know.

If you're still scrambling to finish some of the titles from the latter half of 2006, play harder -- no matter who you are or what you like, you're sure to find at least ten games this year that are must-haves, and that's just among the games we know about right now. What's worse (or is that way, way better?) is that most of them are slated for the next few months. So run through Portrait of Ruin and put aside the hard rockin' Elite Beat Agents (your fingers will thank you for the break), and check after the jump for a few of the games that will drain your free time in 2007.

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Objection! Phoenix Wright DS stickers no more

We gladly admit that we are Phoenix Wright freaks. We do not question our fandom and we encourage others to join us in our epic quest for justice, DS style. You can see why we were so thrilled to hear about Play-Asia having a special sticker bonus for us fans.

We were gleeful, ecstatic and any other word you can think of that means overly excited. So excited that we did a jig on our desk in the middle of class. Suddenly, a dark cloud loomed over our jig.

We got an a few emails saying that the Phoenix Wright stickers are no more. WHAT?! Yes, for "unknown reasons" they were canceled.

We know dear readers, we know. This news is heartbreaking. In fact, is there anyone we can sue?

[Thanks Lush and Vincent!]

Hold it! Put Phoenix Wright on your DS

Considering the unadulterated Phoenix Wright lust that oozes from DS Fanboy's collective pores, we're pretty sure Play-Asia's quarterly profits are about to double now that we've seen this super-mega sweet DS sticker. And that's just from us buying up all the stock for our special Phoenix Wright wall.

These are the three stages of discovering Phoenix Wright DS decor:

  1. The audible sound of jaws dropping.
  2. The full-armed swipe to take care of the drool.
  3. The frantic scrabbling for credit cards -- anything between you and the wallet be damned.

Try not to harm friends, animals and/or grandparents on your way to stage three. And just remember to soak everything a little while to get rid of those pesky drool stains. But be warned -- it's not just a sticker free-for-all over there. You have to actually order something else (like that matters; bring on the My Little Pony), but we got lucky. It happens to be the sequel to our beloved Phoenix Wright that we're preordering to get our sticker love. The title is import-friendly (with English and all), and the content is reportedly the same as the US version. You've got nothing to lose and a sticker to gain, and there's no objecting to that!

[Thanks to the Siliconera staff!]

New Justice For All interview, and the single greatest accessory of all time

Objection...I need that freaking stylus.
Phoenix Wright: Justice For All
is probably the most anticipated game for the collective DS Fanboy staff. As such, when an interview arises filled with such ambiguity and non-commital statements that would make the current presidency green with envy, we still post with glee, hanging on every word. Though the interview fails to reveal much about gameplay, some interesting views on the game's creation process and audience differences are revealed. Certainly worth a read...

...but the real treat here, folks, is found on the second page of the interview. Those lucky enough to be attending the annual San Diego Comic-Con will not only be able to try out the English build of the game, but also have the ability to obtain a specialized DS stylus shaped like Phoenix Wright's finger. Move over, Power Glove. Stand aside, Rez Vibrator. This is the single greatest accessory in video gaming history. San..San Diegans? San Diegoans? San DiegAAAns. If you attend this event, do yourself a favor. Pick up a part of gaming history...and grab us a few, too.

Like a Phoenix, from the ashes

A little-known fact about DS Fanboy is that no matter how verbose, articulate, witty or insightful you may be, you are completely ineligible for employment here until you've played, beaten, and critically praised Phoenix Wright: Attorney at Law. So imagine, if you will, our glee at the news of yet another installment of Gyakutan Saiban (Our lovable little Phoenix's Japanese moniker) slated for release on the DS in Japan.

The first three Gyakutan Saiban games had a continuous, complex plotline weaving in and out of almost every case in the trilogy. It was brought to a satisfying close at the end of the third installment, and so this fourth iteration actually stars one Housuke Odoroki, as opposed to Phoenix himself. This will be the first of the series specifically designed from the ground up for the DS (the three previous installments were all originally GBA titles), so some intriguing new gameplay facets are sure to make themselves known. Other than that, there isn't much information available, but we have no doubt as to the quality this game will surely bring to the table.

The original Phoenix Wright is in the midst of a partial "rebirth" at the moment, with a third shipment of the game being shipped to stores quite randomly throughout the country. The upcoming Phoenix Wright: Justice for All game (actually Gyakutan Saiban 2) is scheduled for release early next year.

[via Joystiq]

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