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DS Daily: Myst opportunities

With a new version of Myst on the way to a hugely popular game system, we may see a repeat of the Myst mania that swept the world upon the game's first release, killing the rest of the point-and-click adventure genre. We must admit that, even though we were eyeball-deep in PC adventure games at the time, we just didn't get Myst. It was a very pretty game, sure, and it made clever use of those crazy CD-ROM drives that people were hooking up, but it seemed very much like a game in which everything was perfectly still all the time, and nothing ever happened.

Statistically, most people here probably have a copy of the game somewhere, so we'll assume you're familiar with it. Do you think Myst was a good game in 1993, and do you think it could hold up today? Will you go in for the new content in Myst DS?

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11-28-2007 @ 9:12AM


I was born 1988, I have heard of myst but to actually play it is two different things.


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11-28-2007 @ 9:22AM

kevin said...

I fell head-first in to Myst when it first came out - it consumed a good chunk of my time when I was 14, and I even played through it again when we upgraded our computer just to enjoy the visuals. The first two sequels (I think) were even better than the original - I hope they have plans for re-releasing those as well.
I hope it translates well on to the DS - so far it looks like it will. I'll definitely pick it up when it releases, and probably dump a ton of my spare time into the game again.


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11-28-2007 @ 9:30AM


Scratch that, Mario taught me how to play; every type of board game, go fish, videogames and taught me what fun was with the classic platformer. I knew how to read at about two (either that or its a genetic trait because i vividly remember everything from my youth.), my parents didn't even know i could read but i guess thats not an excuse for not knowing what myst was.


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11-28-2007 @ 9:31AM

divinenanny said...

I have loved Myst since it first came out. My father bought it for himself, but we played it together (I still remember all our notes scattered around the computer). Later I bought a pac for my self (first three or four Myst games) and played them again. I also bought two of the books just to read the story. I remember the book warping sound.... Needless to say, I am looking forward to this game sooooo much, I can't wait. Even if it didn't have new content, just playing it on the go is enough (I almost bought a PSP just because they have Myst....)... Aaah Myst....:D


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11-28-2007 @ 9:53AM

Matt said...

I loved playing it when it first came out, I was big into building things in HyperCard at the time, so it was practically a requirement to get the game since it was built in that. Once I got it I was sucked in. I remember my cousins coming over and we'd all huddle around the computer and fill in that "Notes" booklet that came with the game as we tried to figure things out.

I'll definitely be picking up the DS version, it's been too long!


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11-28-2007 @ 10:11AM

ethan42404 said...

I had heard about it for some time but never played it - and then a friend of mine had a copy for I think the original Playstation. I watched him play for awhile and found it to be boring and tedious - and have never had the desire to try the game myself. Still don't.

But then, after not enjoying Hotel Dusk, I've started to think I just don't like "point and click" adventure games.


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11-28-2007 @ 10:15AM

raindog said...

I messed around with Myst back in the day, but didn't really get anywhere. RealMyst (3D realtime free-movement Myst with the puzzles and everything else still pretty much the same) held my attention longer, and I actually got to one of the other worlds or eras or whatever they called them.

Since its graphics were about Quake-level, I'd think they could shoehorn RealMyst onto the DS, and if they ever do, I might give it a shot. Plain old Myst, well.... I think I'd rather see some new Sam and Max or something.


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11-29-2007 @ 2:39PM

Chris said...

Oh my God I would LOVE a new Sam and Max game on DS. Or even a Full Throttle 2.

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11-28-2007 @ 11:29AM

MrTyzik said...

I was too blown away by how cool The 7th Guest was to really care as much about Myst. I liked Myst when I played through it again later but it just didn't compare at the time.


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Fullmetal Salchemist10

11-28-2007 @ 12:43PM

Fullmetal Salchemist said...

Grim Fandango is not any of the three links in your post. DSfanboy is made of fail.


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JC Fletcher11

11-28-2007 @ 12:58PM

JC Fletcher said...

Grim Fandango came out in 1998. Fullmetal Salchemist is made of time travel.


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11-28-2007 @ 2:20PM

lucky.m3r3 said...

Loved, loved, loved Myst and can't wait to get my hands on a DS version.

"Bring me the blue pages." Is still a well-worn phrase with my college roommate.


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11-28-2007 @ 2:33PM

AmishPhysicist said...

Myst seemed cool when it first came out, but when I actually tried it, I didn't really like it. Let's not even speak about how lame the ending was.


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11-28-2007 @ 6:42PM

snsr said...



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11-28-2007 @ 6:50PM

raindog said...

I just noticed that the Rime Age comes from RealMyst, not original Myst, so I wonder if they incorporated some of its aspects into the DS version. It probably would actually save space, which they'd need to do since DS games max out at 128MB. But all I've seen of Myst DS was the GC video which looked pretty static.

I discovered that while googling for "myst ending", and apparently the endings are totally different with the Rime Age, AmishPhysicist. I can't imagine they'd publish a game with the Miller brothers' "acting" as the payoff now anyway.


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11-28-2007 @ 8:42PM

L said...

I liked Myst. It was supposed to be still to reflect the errie otherworldyness of a crazy-ass adventure, just like the title, "Myst". It set an atmosphere. That said, Grim Fandango is still the greatest adventure game ever made.


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11-28-2007 @ 10:11PM

deadrabbit2600 said...

I think they should redo Myst, and Riven to be more like Revelations as Revelations was simply perfection. Although, I'm not sure whether such a time consuming game as Myst would be apropriate for a pick up and play handheld.


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11-28-2007 @ 11:40PM

Bluebreaker said...

Myst was my very first PC game when I was 10 or something. I didn't like it very much because I'd mood swing from sheer boredom to actual terror in the "OMG!!! WHAT THE *** DID I JUST DO???" variety. It's a major credit to the creators though: I really felt lost, helpless and alone in a strange world. I don't like feeling that way when I play games.


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11-29-2007 @ 2:08AM

DomoBraden said...

I never played Myst, but "Shivers", (a similar game from around the same time), was my first PC game...ever. That game was so great, (atleast at the time), that I'm completely sold on a first-person-point-and-click-puzzle/adventure game for the DS.

Have any of you ever heard of "Shivers"? Great, amirite??


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11-29-2007 @ 4:28AM

tlronin said...

Well... I played Myst, but it's like you guys said. After awhile you realize that nothing every really hapenned in Myst. So altough I think it's a cool game... Leisure Suit Larry, Monkey Island (and the likes) were more awesome adventuregames to me personally.


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