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Diddy Kong Racing gets put under the microscope

A rather lengthy video for the upcoming Diddy Kong Racing DS has hit the internet and showcases several different aspects of the game experience. In showing the character selection screen, map functionality and racing carnage (planes FTW), the video does a wonderful job of bringing back some fond memories of the N64 title. We're looking forward to this, who else is with us?

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1. Classic! can't wait

Posted at 2:48PM on Jan 24th 2007 by Chris

2. never played the original n64 game but ive been looking forward to this.

Posted at 3:07PM on Jan 24th 2007 by goldenticket

3. Ah, I remember playing this game many years ago. I should probably beat it someday. Also, what was that coin thing he collected? Is it the replacement for the silver coin challenge?

Posted at 3:24PM on Jan 24th 2007 by Nathaniel T.

4. Eh, this game always looked more fun than it actually was on N64. I'm not that interested. I do like the DK franchise though, what we really need are the old SNES Donkey Kong Country games ported to the DS.

Posted at 3:27PM on Jan 24th 2007 by Parker

5. I am so with you, DKR DS is going to be sweet, and I also loved the original. There is also a slew of videos at IGN by the way.

Posted at 3:33PM on Jan 24th 2007 by Zuko

6. Pretty sure they're already on the GBA, Parker.

Posted at 4:44PM on Jan 24th 2007 by 20XX

7. Wait, are there no more tracing shots?

Posted at 4:46PM on Jan 24th 2007 by Crazylink

8. This was one of my favourite games on the original N64 game! Although I don't remember the levels looking so bland and simple :-/ they are extremely short too :(

Posted at 5:15AM on Jan 25th 2007 by jpxdude

9. Awesome. DK racing was one of the most replay friendly games on the N64 (other than goldeneye of course) i dumped hundreds of hours into this game and my mario kart cartridge ended up becoming a coaster.

Great game, super pumped to see it in my handheld. Will there be online?

Posted at 7:52AM on Jan 25th 2007 by JSlice

10. NOO THE RUINED the perfect original!!!

Posted at 3:04PM on Jan 25th 2007 by archerboy

11. parker that would be cool but they should make a new on done in the style of NSMB. also i love this game for the N64 but from what nintendo power said banjo is out and so is conker from the original....

Posted at 11:43PM on Jan 25th 2007 by woceyes

12. It's kinda weird that this is being developed by Rare, which is owned by Microsoft, Nintendo's competitor...

Posted at 8:20PM on Jan 26th 2007 by Tom

13. @12
What's so weird about making money for Rare? Microsoft sees an opportunity to make some cash, even if they are supporting the DS. I mean, not like Microsoft is competing in the portable wars, where is their portable console?

Anyways, I loved DKR for the N64! It was my favorite game besides Goldeneye. After playing DKR I could never even play Mario Kart ever again, until the DS version of course! I highly welcome this game even if it is only a port! DKR FTW!

Posted at 3:58PM on Jan 27th 2007 by element4life3

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