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Metareview: Diddy Kong Racing (update 1)

No doubt, Diddy Kong Racing has been in the spotlight for the last couple of months, due to some excellent features and the promise of repeating the success the game enjoyed on the N64. With custom-track creation and countless other wonderful features, we've waited long and patiently for this game and hopefully the majority of reviewers out there won't find the game as lacking as the below two have:
  • Nintendo Power (75/100) finds that the game has some appeal, however maybe not as much as it needs: "Like its predecessor, Diddy Kong Racing DS has a Mario Kart game to compete with, but also enough unique features to make it a kart-racing contender." [Mar. 2007, p.87]
  • GameSpot (67/100) says that the game might just have too much to do: "Diddy Kong Racing DS is a decent racer with plenty to do and some interesting new content, but the seemingly endless amount of tasks you must complete to enjoy all of it may irritate anyone who simply wants to race."
  • IGN (71/100) tells us that the online rocks, but isn't enough to carry the game: "Diddy Kong Racing's a good product with some first-generation blues dragging it down. The fantastic online and customization focus offset some of the clunky items that made it into the design...but don't think we're going to turn a blind eye to the stupid stuff."
[Update: Added another review score]

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2-05-2007 @ 4:56PM

Nushio said...

I got DKR DS today, and I think MKDS is better.

Handling is a lot smoother on the DS, specially with tight curves.

I hate all the touch screen Rare "forced" unto the game. Such as the "silver coin challenge" replacement with Magical Genie Touch Challenge, or the Touch Challenge against the stage bosses, and all of that.

I did like the customizing your vehicle and upgrading it (so far, I've upgraded my car).

Havent tried Multiplayer at all, but I did try 1 wish race, and didn't like it much. Perhaps its because they forced me to draw a Square.

Had Rare not messed up the game with all of that TouchScreen controls, I would've liked it a bit more. I hate the whole "spin" the wheel to start, then quickly drop the stylus and grab the buttons thing.


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Chris B.2

2-05-2007 @ 6:15PM

Chris B. said...

I'll be honest. I've never played Mario Kart DS. I know, I know, it's very popular and critically acclaimed.

I have (and enjoy when I'm in the mood for racing) Super Mario Kart on the GBA, and I can't shake the impression that MKDS is actually Super Mario Kart With Better Graphics. Maybe my ignorance is showing. I would feel like I was buying the same game twice.

It sounds, however, like Diddy Kong Racing (which I also never played) would be different, and I'm interested. Yet these initial reviews tell me... maybe it's different in a bad way. So I guess I'll wait and see.


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Mr Khan3

2-05-2007 @ 7:31PM

Mr Khan said...

@ #1, i didn't think Rare had anything to do with this game, which owuld signify the lack of Conker and Banjo


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2-05-2007 @ 8:25PM

tim said...

@ # 3 yeah they do.

At any rate Im not big on this game anyway. Ill stick with mario kart and hotel dusk.


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2-05-2007 @ 9:54PM

Nushio said...

Mr. Khan (Can I call ya Mr Khan rather than Number Three?, Ok, Good)

The game's made by Rare and proudly has the "Rare" logo when loading.

Speaking of loading, the game carries an abnormal amount of loading times in between each and every single stage, it almost feels wrong (around 3-4 secs between races, maybe I'm grasping at straws).

I guess thats enough bad feedback about the game

Regarding the good parts of the game:
Though it is a port, they actually changed a lot of minor things, such as the island.

The inclusion of Dixxie and Tiny are welcome, and I like the balloon mechanic a lot more than the random turtle or banana mechanic on MKDS.

Other minor changes: If you have 1 or 2 powerups of the same balloon, and grab a different colored ballon either by mistake or on purpose... Nothing happens, you keep your previous powerups.

2 red ballons make 5 semi-homing missles. 3 red ballons make only 1 homing missile. Not sure if this is a welcome addition or not.


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2-06-2007 @ 3:39PM

Bearxor said...

Looks like a pass.


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2-07-2007 @ 12:23AM

element4life3 said...

Well...since I've beaten the shit out of MKDS, and loved DKR on the N64, it looks to be a must-buy for me!

I still wish they would have left the stupid touch screen and blowing into the microphone parts out, but I guess I will just have to deal with it.

I do like that it has a story however, something I've always missed in Mario Kart games...


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