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Rumor: FFXIII chapter coming to the DS?

Fabula-ous!Final Fantasy XIII will be an odd beast, containing a primary entry (currently an exclusive for the PS3) and several spin-off titles, a la Final Fantasy VII; the collection as a whole will be entitled Fabula Nova Crystallis. However, only two spin-offs had been announced: Final Fantasy XIII Versus, also for the PS3, and Final Fantasy XIII Agito, available for mobile phones. These were apparently the only planned titles until the above (beside?) picture surfaced, clearly showing at least three more unknown entries in the series.

Square-Enix knows how unbelievably profitable the DS is, and recently released review scores of FFXII: Revenant Wings will ensure solid sales in Japan. Personally, we find it hard to believe that one of these titles won't be coming to the DS, and heck, who knows ... there might even be a Wii title in there too.

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4-18-2007 @ 2:55AM

Xaos said...

Wow, between GBA games, and all the new FF games for DS Im gonna have FF overload...and I freakin love it!!

A game based on XIII would be amazing, and considering what they've done with the upcoming XII game I think they'd be stupid not to make a game based on XIII for the DS. And I know its not out out, but the new FFT2 will be awesome as well, perhaps another spin off of that could work.

Dont even get me started on the Wii aspect either, especially if they could link it through to the DS. Imagine having something like a real-time location map on your DS while you play the game on the Wii, or the ability to go into your inventory without having to leave the game screen...possiblities are endless. yum.


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4-18-2007 @ 6:44AM

ssuk said...

FFXIII 360 plz, Square.


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4-18-2007 @ 9:03AM

Reeve said...

I love Final Fantasy, but all these spinoffs-- from a game that hasn't even been released yet, no less-- are a bit ridiculous.


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4-18-2007 @ 11:07AM

Saxon said...

Gotta catch 'em all!


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4-18-2007 @ 2:23PM

Phil said...

There's actually been three announced: FFXIII, FF Agito XIII, and FF Versus XIII. There's also a Final Fantasy Haeresis XIII, which has a logo but no announcement, and rumors of Final Fantasy Dissidia.

Based on name alone, I'd wager the last of those would see its way to the DS. Evidently Squeenix got tired of using up numbers and just decided to make multiple stories with one number.


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