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Windy x Windam uses the standard fighting game storyline

Except for the (necessarily) strange aspect ratio, Ninja Studio's Windy x Windam seems as straightforward a 2D fighter as you could get. Completely 2D sprites and backgrounds depict a fighting tournament in which each participant enters for their own personal reasons.

Thanks to character profiles, we know a bit more about a few of the non-Izuna characters: Ashley sells flowers on the street (and is fighting for equality in the world or something). Kiriku is a self-taught swordsman who enters the fighting tournament to help his injured sister. Stein is a robot who wants freedom and searches for his creator. (Izuna, of course, is in the tournament for money.)

It's a good thing story doesn't matter in fighting games, because Windy x Windam is turning out to be a pastiche of fighting game cliches so far. Oh, maybe it's parody!

Gallery: Windy x Windam

GetAmped for a ported fighting game

Developer CyberStep has announced a DS version of their online 3D fighter, GetAmped. The PC version allows online play with totally customizable (for money) avatars, in both fighting and sporting competitions. CyberStep plans to include 4-player wireless play in the DS version, as well, though we aren't sure if anything online will be included.

We don't know much about all these pay-for-items online games (except for the excellent Gunbound, which we enjoyed a few years back), but we can't help but feel a little bit yay at the prospect of a cute new fighting game on the DS. And unlike the other DS game based on an Asian MMO, Ragnarok Online DS, this actually has a rough release window -- this winter. CyberStep is looking to cooperate with companies in the U.S. and Europe to get the game out in those regions.

[Via GAME Watch]

Windy x Windam: Fighting Game of the Unemployed Ninja

A poster on the fighting game forum found a small blurb and screens about one of the mysterious games on Success Corp.'s summer release list: Windy x Windam. The name certainly didn't provide any clues to the game's content, but it turns out that Windy x Windam is a fighting game based on ... Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja.

Windy x Windam is being developed by Izuna's Ninja Studio. We don't know how much experience they have with fighting games -- maybe someone from the company worked on fighting games previously. Their history as Ninja Studio seems to contain only mobile casual games, mobile SRPGs, and Izuna. Maybe it'll be a turn-based fighting game!

Gallery: Windy x Windam

[Via NeoGAF]

M.U.G.E.N. on the DS is very finite

A coder named Antonio Niño Diaz has released an extremely early DS version of the M.U.G.E.N. 2D fighter creation system (named for the Japanese word for "infinity"). How early? Well, right now it's just two Jump Super Stars-style Narutos in one environment. You can make one of the Narutos walk, punch, and jump, and you can make the other one move left and right with the shoulder buttons. It's a far cry from the insanity possible in the PC engine, but it's an exciting start.

We aren't sure if this is going to turn into a full-scale M.U.G.E.N. implementation (able to make Street FIghter-like games and platformers using user-designed characters) or limited to Jump Super Stars-type gameplay. We'd be happy with either!

[Via DCEmu; thanks, craig!]

Doodle Hex casts first screenshots

And it's about time, as well. We last heard about Tragnarion's spell-casting title way back in August 2007, if you can recall such a time, before the game seemingly disappeared in its own puff of smoke.

It's back now, however, along with a publisher (Pinnacle Software) and the first half-dozen screenshots. As described previously, the touchscreen is to be used for scribbling out your hexes (and contains all sorts of gauges and meters that we don't fully understand yet), while the top screen is reserved for the game's hand-drawn art. We like that pig, but some of the other examples look kinda janky.

The gallery below has the first six screens, each super-imposed onto a DS. It's almost like the game itself is in your hands! Or not.

Gallery: Doodle Hex

[Via press release]

WRUP: a ninja's destiny edition

Looking over this week's releases, the only title that really piques our interest is Naruto: Ninja Destiny. JC got his hands on it at GDC and confirmed that we weren't crazy when we gushed about how beautiful the game is. We're not Naruto fans at all, but we are fans of fighting games.

What are you all planning on picking up? New game? Playing through an older title? What will you be playing this weekend?

Gallery: Naruto: Ninja Destiny

GDC08: Naruto: Ninja Destiny sneak-attacks with quality

Naruto: Ninja Destiny is quite a surprise. It's openly an attempt by D3 and Dream Factory to pretty up a disappointing Japanese Naruto game -- the surprising thing is that it worked. Screens and trailers don't convey the shockingly beautiful graphics, which run at a constant 30 fps. Developer Dream Factory upped the framerate and changed the graphical style to a more cel-shaded look for the American release. It worked! I don't usually have much motivation to be personally interested in a Naruto game, but I was somewhat convinced by the appearance.

As for the gameplay, it's an openly mash-friendly 3D fighter, controlled with the d-pad and buttons. There are two attack buttons, a jump, and a special "jutsu" attack that uses energy from the chakra meter. The jutsu attacks are these huge flashy sequences of attacks. The touch screen holds a random assortment of recovery and booster items that restore health, chakra, and also have other in-game effects.

The game comes out next week, so we don't have long to wait until we find out if longterm play is as fast-paced and fun as it is in brief gameplay sessions.

Gallery: Naruto: Ninja Destiny

Draglade to launch in Europe in March

If you thought 505 Games and feeble DS shovelware went hand in hand, you'd be absolutely correct. Seriously, it's hard to argue the case for the likes of My Pet Dolphin, Fashion Designer: Style Icon, and I Did It Mum! This patchy track record makes it all the stranger that 505 Games is bringing Draglade, the musical fighter that we slapped an encouraging eight out of ten on, to Europe.

It launches on the continent in March, a month which appears to be filling out very nicely for us Euro folk.

[Via press release]

Everybody was touchscreen fighting

The DS's touchscreen technology has allowed us to indulge in some truly unique activities, from painting tanks to DJing to slapping women. Seriously, who would have guessed this kind of thing was the future in 2003?

Not wishing to be left out, Capcom's Rosario + Vampire (which, Capcom has confirmed, won't be appearing in the west) also uses the touchscreen in a novel way. Rather than the traditional method of pressing buttons, the game's combat sequences are carried out with directional stylus swipes, with different Ouendan-esque strokes producing certain moves.

It's definitely an interesting approach, and it makes us wonder whether we'll be seeing more fighting games embracing this method in the future. If Rosario + Vampire pulls it off well, we wouldn't bet against another developer picking up this idea and running with it.

New and interesting ways to bust up dudes in Fist of the North Star

Spike has updated their Fist of the North Star website with a couple of new screens showing the varied input methods in the game. The gameplay is not entirely limited to tapping things, but sometimes involves tapping and then dragging. We might not know too much about Fist of the North Star, but we know that any game involving using the stylus to cut a guy's face all criss-crossed is something we want to play.

Also revealed in the latest update: you'll be able to play as characters other than Kenshiro. Raoh is mentioned by name, but there will certainly be more.

[Via Ruliweb]

WRUP: Rhythm 'n Fighting edition

In checking out this week's releases, we only found one title here in the states worth mentioning. We were kind of excited by the hybrid gameplay with both rhythm-based elements and fighting aspects. Sounds like an amusing mixture, wouldn't you say?

We were wondering if you thought the same, or perhaps had something else you were looking forward to playing? What will you be playing over this weekend? Anything new, or will you be chiseling away at something a bit older?

Fist of the Web Site

We hope other people are as interested in the Fist of the North Star game as we are. It should at least be better than the Sega Master System Fist of the North Star game (though the music probably won't be as awesome). We are aficionados of the dudes-getting-punched-many-times genre, of which Fist of the North Star is one of the classic works. That is why we're so interested in a fresh take like this one which combines classic material with new mechanics. The website shows some nice clear screens, and introduces the game in general terms -- the action sequences, story sequences, and unlockable character cards.

Can tapping dude-shaped things on the screen many times really substitute for pushing buttons many times to punch dudes? We cannot wait to find out! Of course, we may have to read the dudes' reactions to our punches in an incomprehensible foreign language, because there's little likelihood of a U.S. version. But that's okay -- we can pretty much get the gist of "Ow! My face has been punched numerous times!" in any language.

Metareview: Bleach: The Blade of Fate

Somehow, we just never see a lot of news on the Bleach games. There never seem to be many screenshots or videos -- probably since the games for the DS and Wii have been out for so long in Japan already -- that the glowing reviews for Bleach: The Blade of Fate just seemed to come out of nowhere. Treasure's effort is being hailed as a rival to the import classic Jump Super Stars, and as for English-language DS fighters, apparently, there is no comparison. Fan of the anime/manga or not, if you like fighters, it sounds like this may be one you don't want to miss.

IGN -- 85%: Despite a few dropped matches and a little Wi-Fi slowdown, IGN reviewers struggled to find anything negative. "Treasure lives up to its reputation in delivering system-pushing presentation ... Bleach is hands-down the best fighter on the system. We aren't fans of the anime, we've only seen a few episodes in preparation for the game's coverage, but Bleach still won us over, as it plays extremely well, has tons of options, and pulls off some seriously impressive 2D work on DS. The sheer amount of extravagant attacks and system-filling combos should be enough to win over fans of the anime, but the core gameplay is where Bleach wins over the rest of us, delivering a stronger fighting mechanic than nearly any pocket battler out there."

Modojo -- 80%: Modojo checked out the Japanese import earlier this year and found a solid experience. "The character's fighting styles differ substantially and give the game a real flair that other fighters often lack. The fighting has tournament level depth, and advanced players could spend hours working on juggling air combos, jump and guard cancels, and super attacks ... Overall, Bleach: Souten ni Kakeru Unmei succeeds where most other handheld fighting titles fail. It offers an inspiring, deep combat system, a replay value extended greatly by the games connection features, and a wonderful experience for anyone already enamored by the anime or manga."

NintendoWorldReport -- 80%: Despite some issues with the card system, they found the Japanese import worth playing. "... Bleach DS features a card system that pretty much breaks the game in multiplayer. In single player it's harmless and even seems "cool" at times. However, level four cards are hard to earn, and this where the system completely unbalances multiplayer games. It's no longer a game of raw fighting skill, but a game of who has the best cards and can stack them in his favor ... Despite the detrimental card system, Treasure has put together a pretty solid title that can appeal to fighting game fans as well as Bleach fans."

Don't look directly at Ultimate Mortal Kombat

We're starting to get annoyed with these "moving DS" game trailers. First seen in an early Insecticide ad, the technique places all game footage either on a DS screen or in a little window that is rapidly rotating and flying across the screen. For something designed to show you a game, they accomplish the exact opposite. In our eyes, such trailers convey a lack of confidence in the product.

We're only running this trailer, which is the second Ultimate Mortal Kombat trailer in this format, because, from what we can tell, Ultimate Mortal Kombat looks like a pretty faithful translation of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, and we are happy any time a reasonable version of a fighting game is done on a handheld. Of course, we're also pleased about the added Puzzle Kombat.

[Via Game|Life]

Doodle Hex piques interest despite name

Doodle Hex -- sure, it might be a descriptive title, but we're pretty sure it came from the Zack & Wiki school of What Not To Call Games. Just imagine if Pokémon were called Menu Attack or Creature Fight. Yeah, it would be mildly amusing, but we'd have a distinct lack of pokemans jokes, and the world would be a darker, sadder place.

So what is Doodle Hex? It's a newly-announced game from Spanish developer Tragnarion Studios, and it's all about magical dueling. Players take on the role of a vamped-up young character and draw hexes at their opponents via the touch screen. Two of the characters are described as "an Emo Rockstar Elf" and a "Goth Witch" (seen above). They each seem to have a pet which suits their personalities. Fey (the aforementioned witch) has a rabbit that seems to float around her, which creepily evokes memories of Nailbunny after he took to drifting around. Spooky associations aside, the game, which features puzzle and fighting elements, as well as Wi-Fi functionality, sounds like it could have some potential. Tragnarion Studios promises additional information at the upcoming Leipzig Game Convention, so we'll be keeping our eyes peeled for more. In the meantime, check out the website for more, or hit the jump for an additional image.

[Hmm. "Lake of pokemans," while funny, is totally different from a lack.]

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