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DS Daily: That tricky extra dimension

Tecmo's announcement that Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff would be a "classic 2D game" cheered us no end. Too often for our liking, developers seem desperate to recreate the kind of 3D games we'd find on beefier home consoles, and the results are rarely pretty. This blogger recently got around to trying out Brothers in Arms (on the advice that the game was a technical marvel), and found it to be a mess of treacly frame rates and choppy visuals. If World War II had moved at this pace, we'd still be fighting.

Occasionally, however, 3D on the DS does work, and quite splendidly in some instances. It may sound odd, but I still consider Nintendogs to be one of the best uses of 3D on the platform, simply because it wouldn't have been a tenth as engaging in 2D. How about you, dear reader? What do you consider to be the finest 3D offerings on our humble handheld?

Details on Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff break through the line

For all of you fans of the gridiron, the news that the Tecmo Bowl franchise was getting a reboot and coming to the DS likely brought back fond memories of long passes for touchdowns and leaping over the pile at the goal line. Personally, we're dying to see a screen shot already, but that's beside the point. Prepare yourself to want this game more, though, because Tecmo let loose some details on the upcoming game.

Known features include:
  • Customizable teams: players can select color, emblem, player names, city and abilities
  • Super abilities: some players will have special abilities that allow them to pull off big plays
  • Wi-Fi and local multiplayer: oh yeah, you can play a friend in the same room or somebody across the country
  • Stylus control: no other details on this one, yet
  • Over 32 different teams
  • Cut scenes: huh?
  • Customizable playbook: no idea on how much you can customize it, but it's a nice feature
So there you have it. Personally, these fresh details get us pumped to be out on the field, cracking heads. How about you?

Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff keeping it old school

Some of the details released yesterday about Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff didn't sound terribly old school to us (see: stylus control and internet play), but Tecmo wants us to know that the game's roots won't be forgotten in its DS rebirth.

Rather than take the "janky 3D" direction chosen by other football games on the DS -- hello, Madden -- a Tecmo spokesperson assured MTV's Multiplayer blog that Kickoff would be a "classic 2D game." Score! We're already envisioning this as Tecmo Bowl with Super Dodgeball Brawlers-style visuals, and that makes us go all tingly inside.

Also keeping with tradition (though arguably in a less appealing way), the title won't come with licensed NFL teams, thanks to the fact that EA recently secured the rights to those until the end of 2012. This means the game will instead come with 32 teams with names that "fit with the original spirit of Tecmo Bowl," which can then be customized within the game.

Tecmo Bowl making a comeback on DS this fall

We've known for almost a year that Tecmo would be reviving the much-loved Tecmo Bowl franchise, though the company has remained tight-lipped on the intended platform. Until ... now. IGN just revealed that Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff would be hitting our DS screens this fall, complete with stylus control, fully customizable teams, players, and emblems, and both local wireless and internet play over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

Apart from the logo above, there's no media for this one yet, but we're already chomping at the bit for some pigskin action. We recommend you warm up by grabbing the original from the Virtual Console. Hut hut!

Inazuma Eleven site scores a GOOOOOAL

The website for Japanese super-soccer romp Inazuma Eleven has got some stuff going on for the few of you who're as excited for the game as we are. There's a complete character section, explaining all of the different participants in the title. There is also an explanation on the game's controls, plus all of the indecipherable Japanese text you can try to read.

Fresh Famitsu scans for Inazuma Eleven

After getting our peepers knee-deep in some Inazuma Eleven, we knew this game was for us. Not being as obsessed with soccer (football or futbol, to some of you) as the rest of the world, we're still convinced the game will be a big success, because the gameplay looks sound and, of course, it's being made by Level-5. Hopefully menu navigation won't be a pain, because we're pretty sure we're going to have to import it.

For the full scans, head past the break.

Continue reading Fresh Famitsu scans for Inazuma Eleven

Blood Bowl isn't just a vampire's breakfast

No, in fact it's a video game. Imagine that? Arriving courtesy of French developer Cyanide, Blood Bowl is a title based on the Games Workshop fantasy tabletop game of the same name. Cyanide assures us that the game will be a "faithful representation" of the tabletop experience, so fans should find their title intact on the DS, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

If you want to check out some of the many versions of the tabletop game, hit up this link here.

[Via Joystiq]

First Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 shots

Pro Evolution Soccer games may not always get pulses racing in the US, but the series does enjoy hit status here in Europe. Given the limitations of the DS, last year's PES 6 provided a surprisingly serviceable soccer game, despite being stripped of much of the detail and gameplay intricacies that appeared in the home console versions.

Indeed, it sold well enough for Konami to give things another shot on the handheld, and CVG now has some of the first screens of Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 DS. Like last year, the whole thing is blocky as hell, but hey, at least it looks a little more intuitive than the holy mess that is the Wii version.

Feint past the break for another couple of screens, or head to CVG for the full set.

Continue reading First Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 shots

A reason to consider Madden for DS: paper football

Sure, we know, we could just fold up a piece of paper and knock everything off a table, but there's no excuse not to be excited about the inclusion of paper football as a side game in the next iteration of Madden. There are a number of other additions coming to the handheld version as well (like some much-needed improvements to gameplay), but this is certainly the one we're most giddily excited about. Could this be an offshoot of EA's take on the casual game revolution? If so, it's an aspect we're favoring, and we can only hope that paper football matches are part of the coming online elements. Because, really, if we have to be in close proximity to our sliding-paper opponents, what's the point? We've got some scrap paper around here somewhere ....

[Via NeoGAF]

Winning Eleven Special Edition DS

So hot.So, Nintendo finally tossed us a bone and set the Black and Pink version of the DS Lite for release in North America. Still, any real gamer knows that all the awesome special edition everythings are Japan-only, and this little beauty is no exception. Soocer/football fans, go ahead and drool...the stylistic playbook sketch makes the Onyx Lite that much hotter. Sure, if you want it badly enough, you can import it...but who knows how much you'll be paying?

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