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Boxart battle: Emblem of Gundam vs Front Mission 2089

Above, we have the covers for two upcoming strategy titles, Emblem of Gundam and Front Mission 2089. Both series have similar themes -- giant mechas battling it out against an intricate backdrop of political drama -- so it's startling to see the different approaches in their packaging designs.

Front Mission 2089 puts more emphasis on its character lineup, masking a lone Wanzer in the mist, and the result is a lusterless jacket that looks as unexciting as the starring crew's listless expressions. Emblem of Gundam's cover has more action to it, giving its mobile suits and story characters even billing. One guy is flying through space with a rapier! Another has a gun! And a massive Gundam oversees the entire scene, jets blasting and fingers positioned like a master pianist preparing his next attack. This is how you design a box!

Today's lesson: If you have huge robots, use them. Pilot your mecha past the post break for a better look at the two covers.

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Front Mission 2089 gets dated in Japan

Are you full of mech love? If so, you might be glad to know that Front Mission: 2089 has been dated ... for Japan. Oh well, at least it's a start. The game is set to arrive in the country of our envy on May 29th, which we'll also jealously refer to as "the not-so-distant future."

Square Enix's upcoming title may be a cell phone port, but the DS version promises to have more flair and extra maps. We even enjoyed the mech-less teaser for the game, although we'd prefer to see some actual gameplay.

Will this title be released outside of Japan? Let's hope so -- but as we know, waiting for a localization announcement from Square Enix is like waiting for a watched pot to boil.

[Via Go Nintendo]

Saburo Jinguji creators bring another adventure franchise to DS

WorkJam, best known for the Detective Saburo Jinguji franchise, the DS iteration of which is being localized as Jake Hunter: Detective Chronicles, is back on the DS with another adventure series. This time, it's Theresia, a first-person series that has until now been exclusive to cell phones. The new DS game is called Theresia - Dear Emile and seems to involve an amnesiac woman who wakes up in a mysterious prison.

The game will contain a new story rather than being a port of a previous game, and uses an exclusive (of course!) touchscreen control system. Players will wander around a prison facility in full 3D and examine for clues in order to solve the mystery of who you are and what the creepy prison is about.

Being that this is an Arc System Works game, it's entirely possible that we could see a localized version of Theresia via Aksys.

Screenshots from the Border of Madness

Some people may be a little iffy on the updated character designs and art in the upcoming Front Mission 2089, but after playing Front Mission DS, we're pretty excited about anything Square Enix (re)makes along these battle lines for our dual screens -- and that includes games that originated in the mobile sphere. We expect another solid SRPG experience with Border of Madness.

Above, you can see the mobile version on the left, with the DS game, which has no firm release date as yet, on the right. Clearly, not much is required for an update to the gameplay ... the colors are a little more lush, and everything is a little brighter, but otherwise, it looks like Front Mission. And while we're still waiting for a few other titles in the franchise (like Front Mission 5!), that really can't be a bad thing.

Gallery: Front Mission 2089

Final Fantasy Tactics A2 cast already appearing in another game

A new portable Final Fantasy game set in the world of Final Fantasy Tactics A2 came out today. For cell phones. Crystal Guardians W1 is the first in an episodic series of mobile FFTA2-related games released for Japanese i-mode phones. In what we think is an inspired choice of genre, Crystal Guardians is a tower defense game that features all of the jobs in Tactics A2. Except instead of a tower, your team defends a crystal against monsters. Because, you know, Final Fantasy.

This announcement puts an end to the speculation about the "Crystal Guardians" trademark registered last week. DS fans would probably say that an inaccessible cell phone game is the worst possible result. But at least it's not a CG movie.

Miami Nights hotter in Europe

"Party in the city where the heat is on
All night on the beach till the break of dawn"

Oh, Will Smith, if only we could believe you and your ridiculous ears. Slated for next February, Miami Nights: Singles in the City is the latest mobile-to-DS port from developer Gameloft (Asphalt Urban GT), advertising itself as a "social simulation game" in which you try to make it big in Magic City as a model, singer, or actor. To our surprise, the DS game's graphics actually look worse than the cellphone version, mostly due to the studio's move from 2D sprites to 3D figures.

Gameloft isn't the only company to blame for making Miami Nights less inviting -- Ubisoft, the title's publisher in both Europe and the states, also did its part to tone down the game's sex appeal, at least for the US. While Miami Nights' European cover features a blonde woman in a bikini, the North American boxart has the same model covered up, now in a low-cut dress.

Is Ubisoft worried about conservative parents revolting over the lubricious image were it to appear on game shelves, right in between Meteos: Disney Magic and My Horse & Me? Or maybe the publisher just doesn't think we're ready for that jelly? Shake your hips past the post break to see the original packaging art and an embedded video of Miami Sound Machine's "1-2-3."

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TGS07: Front Mission 2089 announced for DS

Square Enix quietly revealed its next Front Mission project at the ongoing Tokyo Game Show, and it's for the DS! Aside from its name, Front Mission 2089: Border of Madness, not much else has been announced -- we can safely assume, however, that it'll be an SRPG packed with highly customizable wanzers (mechs) and political drama.

Previous Front Mission 2089 titles have been released for mobile platforms, but we're not sure yet if Border of Madness will be a port of one of those cell phone games or a completely new entry to the spin-off series. Of course, we hope for the latter. Regardless of its origin, we likely won't see it localized for the US unless we support Front Mission DS's release in the states next month!

And all the gamers say awww

No, no, we're not looking at the adorable baby. Okay, you can look at the adorable baby, but also observe the blurry yellow bits above the adorable baby. What could they be? If you guessed question blocks, you're the big winner!

If nothing else, this craft project definitely sports an accurate title: this may, in fact, be the coolest mobile ever, but now we can't stop thinking of ways to expand on this theme. Controller cut-outs were suggested, but what about little character figures? Or better yet, tiny plushies! Gamer babies can learn to love Mario and company from an early age, right? Come February, this very blogger just may be testing that theory. Which means we might need a couple of these as well.

Have some slick gamer craft projects to show off? Don't forget about our weekly feature dedicated to all things gaming.

Introducing Engadget Mobile

We know you guys are into portable gadgets, so we thought you'd interested in meeting the newest member of the Weblogs Inc. family, Engadget Mobile. What's over there that's so interesting? Ruthlessly efficient mobile phone news coverage, that's what. Check it out before that cellphone melts your brain.

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