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The Mummy unwrapped

Who doesn't have dreams of Brendan Fraser looking all cool as the swarthy hero Rick O'Connell? Honestly, The Mummy movies are pretty fun, and the upcoming movie The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor should be equally righteous. Since the movie will be tops, there's no reason the associated game of the same name won't be just as good, right?

Well, swashbuckling journeys have a certain special place in the DS library, but we're not sure if TM:TOFTDE will be quite the same. It's an action-adventure spanning many locations around the world, culminating in a battle with a DS-ified Jet Li -- after all, he's the bad guy in the movies. Provided the control is smooth and combat responsive (not unlike the reasonably okay Pirates of the Caribbean game), we might just have an epic journey worthy of taking along on another epic journey of bus and train-like proportions.

Gallery: The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

[Via press release]

The Incredible (shrunken) Hulk

It just seems wrong to take the Incredible Hulk and make him somewhat less incredible, and by that, we mean tiny. Tiny enough to fit on a DS screen -- a single screen, mind you, and he doesn't even fill it up! Look at the example here to the right. More like The Miniscule Hulk, amirite?

To see more screens from The Incredible Hulk, Sega's answer to the new film, check out our gigantic gallery of tiny screens.

Gallery: The Incredible Hulk

[Via press release]

Zelda movie trailer whips internet into a frenzy

Ah, IGN, you very nearly had us. Your trailer for a movie based on The Legend of Zelda almost -- almost -- pulled the wool over our young, naive eyes. In fact, this is probably the most impressive, sophisticated April Fools' prank we've witnessed for some time. What gave it away? Well, there's a sliiightly budget feel to some of this. Truth be told, we've seen more convincing Ganons at cosplay conventions, while some of the acting pretty much redefined "hammy."*

Goofy as it is, this is still darn excellent, and certainly more impressive than anything we could ever hope to cook up. So, let's see a show of hands: how many of you would queue around the block for tickets to this?

* Not that this prevented the Lord of the Rings trilogy from being taken seriously. Yes, yours truly is the only individual in the known universe not to enjoy that overwrought, nine-hour bore-fest.

Watch Akira Kurosawa's films on your DS

Having already added an assortment of horror movies and martial arts flicks to its archive, The Moon Books Project has elected to host several of Akira Kurosawa's films for fans to download and watch on their Nintendo DS. For the homebrew uninitiated, the site also has information on what hardware and software you'll need to play the movies on your handheld.

Titles like Sanshiro Sugata, They Who Step on the Tiger's Tail, Rashomon, Stray Dog, and Ikiru, all films from the first ten years of the Japanese director's filmography, have been posted. While Kurosawa's samurai classics -- Seven Samurai, Yojimbo, Ran, etc. -- are noticeably missing, you really can't argue with free movies! We just hope that the English subtitles aren't too hard to read on such a small screen. Swing past the break for trailers of two of the available films.

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Contra movie coming to alternate-universe theaters in 1988

If you haven't clicked the Play button on the video yet, go ahead and take care of that -- whatever we've written underneath the embedded movie cannot even begin to match its excellence. Team Awesome, the same group that put together the fictitious Punch-Out!! trailer for Nintendo's Short Cuts Showcase contest, created this ultra-macho masterpiece as an homage to Contra. The production parodies not only the original NES game, but 80s action films like Predator, Aliens, Rambo: First Blood, and other indisputable classics. Pretty much, if it was rad and from the 80s, then it's somewhere in this trailer.

Purple dragon meets silver screen for Spyro movie

While playing The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night, all we could think was, "What would Spyro look like if he was 100,000 times bigger?" Okay, so the thought never actually crossed our minds. We only wish we could say the same for everyone else.

The Animation Picture Company apparently decided to option the rights to the Spyro franchise, allowing them to bring the purple guy to the big screen. The company plans to make a 3-D computer animation feature of the game, written by the guys who scripted Dr. Dolittle 4: First Dog. To that, we say ... there was a Dr. Dolittle 4?!?

Adding further credit to the "stay the hell away from this movie" argument, APC is also responsible for subjecting us to bringing us Garfield Get's Real and Garfield's Fun Fest.

Movies and video games generally don't mix well. Unfortunately, we don't see Spyro's foray into Hollywood ending up differently.

Old horror films and books: They won't stay dead!

Lest you forget the upcoming All Hallows' Eve holiday, The Moon Books Project has been posting horror-themed content almost every day, stacking its shelves with DS-compatible novels and movies. They're downloadable for free and completely legal, so you won't have to fear any threatening "I Know What You Downloaded Last Night" letters from the MPAA bogeymen.

Already, the site has put up over a dozen classics like Nosferatu and Fall of the House of Usher. Even if you don't have the homebrew hardware and software (Moonshell) needed to view the files on your DS, you can still scare yourselves silly with iPod/PSP-formatted and streaming versions of Night of the Living Dead.

Bargain of Fury

Let's not kid ourselves here -- we would be lucky if Balls of Fury DS turned out to be as "good" as the terrible table-tennis/martial-arts film it's based on. Judging by this markdown on the game only two weeks after its release, however, we doubt the title meets even the movie's standards.

So why should anyone bother picking Balls of Fury DS up?
  1. Amazon is hosting a $12.99 sale for it (Today only)
  2. You still have fond memories of Christopher Walken and that Fatboy Slim video he did
  3. IGN and GameSpot said it's not so bad if all that you're looking for is a somewhat decent Ping Pong experience
  4. You want to support DSI Games, the publisher putting out Barnyard Blast
[Via CAG]

Harry Potter and the Free Movie Tickets

Accio free tickets! GameStop and Electronics Boutique are both offering a free Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie pass with every online purchase of the film's Nintendo DS and Wii games.

Due for release this June 25th, the action adventure title tracks the hocus-pocus hijinks of the lightning-scarred brit and his friends' fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Though we can't reveal whether or not Hermione dies in this one, we can summon up the console-universal trailer that Electronic Arts released not too long ago. Head past the post break to Platform 9¾ for the embedded video.

Continue reading Harry Potter and the Free Movie Tickets

Final Fantasy IV's CG-tastic trailer

Contrasting the absolutely wicked, gameplay-filled trailer that we received last week for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates, the Final Fantasy IV DS video Square Enix posted at the title's teaser site today is pretty light on action. The CG scenes, dramatic soundtrack, and breathy voice-over serve the story-driven RPG well, but if you're looking to see some combat or world map travel, you won't find much satisfaction here.

The tail end of the clip hints that we'll be seeing the game's release before year's end, so plan your budget accordingly. Hop a ride on an airship, and sail past the post break for the 3D remake's two-minute movie.

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First Nintendo Short Cuts entry: it's all about the guy in green

BigZeldaFan14: omg omg
BIGGESTZeldaFan14: omg wut?
BigZeldaFan14: check it out theres a contest 4 nintendo movies
BIGGESTZeldaFan14: 4realz ?
BigZeldaFan14: yah click teh link
BIGGESTZeldaFan14: omg i have 2 make sumthin about link he's soooooo kewl
BigZeldaFan14: lol have u ever made movie b4?
BIGGESTZeldaFan14: no but i look @ utube everyday XD XD XD and i have mac
BigZeldaFan14: o ok

The above is a re-creation of (our assumption of) the circumstances behind the creation of the very first entry in Nintendo's Short Cuts Showcase. Let us warn you: if you weren't convinced before that Link is the #1 coolest game character EVAR ... well, you'll probably be exactly the same after watching this video. But you'll have laughed, at least. It may not be the best video we'll see in this contest, but its heart is in the right place.

We here at DS Fanboy would like to encourage everyone to enter the contest, if only so we can watch your videos. But if one of you guys wins after seeing it here, you so owe us a dollar. Remember, we're here writing because we fail at making movies. Let us live vicariously through you!

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Warren Ellis blogs about Castlevania animated movie

Comic book legend Warren Ellis has been keeping a production blog to update fans on his script work for Castlevania: Dracula's Curse, an animated adaptation of Konami's Castlevania III for the NES. The Transmetropolitan author has been candid with details about the 80-minute, direct-to-DVD film, discussing characters he will be cutting out of the film (e.g. Grant DaNasty) and plans to make the story a trilogy.

Reassuring us that he won't be butchering the franchise with an Uwe Boll approach, Warren made it a point to emphasize Castlevania producer Koji Igarashi's bothersome involvement: "He remains absolutely passionate about Castlevania. After eight rewrites of pre-production material, I remain absolutely passionate about beating the crap out of IGA in a dark alleyway one day."

[Via GameSetWatch]

Transformers: The screenshots

Two incredible forces. Two sides in the battle for Earth -- and appropriately, two completely different games for two completely different stories. How ... balanced. We love it. As licensed games go, these don't sound (or look) half bad. After the jump, we've got new screens from both Decepticons and Autobots. We won't even make you choose between 'em; you can ogle both if you're so inclined.

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K K Slider keeps you grooving, keeps you clean

Tired of spending every Saturday night at Animal Crossing: Wild World's museum cafe, abandoning any hope for a social life so you can catch K. K. Slider's weekly set? Ever found yourself shushing talkative friends or family members who think it's alright to chat during one of the soulful puppy's live performances? Has your girlfriend threatened to leave because of that time she looked in your wallet and saw that her picture was replaced with a photo of K. K.?

With Banpresto's Totakeke bath towel, a commemorative item from the Animal Crossing movie, you don't have to devote your weekend schedule to hanging out at The Roost anymore. Now you can visit the guitar-playing dog whenever you take a shower! This out-of-game version of him won't play any music, but you could always just hum the tune to K. K. Condor while you dry yourself off. That wouldn't be weird at all!

[Via DCEmu]

DS Daily: Movie licenses

It's no secret that most of the time, licensed games may not be ... how shall we say? Any good at all. But that's not a universal truth, as occasionally, a game based on a film shines through as strongly as any more original property. Some people have told us, for instance, that Cars DS is not a complete waste of a cartridge, especially for the younger and more casual gamers in our lives. But looking back, there are very few licensed games or game tie-ins that stand out. Perhaps the best of the lot was a stronghold of the N64, but the link to the movie was a little tenuous at times. Have any other licensed games rocked your socks over the years? What was so horrifically bad it made you want to kick things? We'd love to hear about it.

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