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DS Daily: I spy with my little eye ...

Recently, MTV Multiplayer's Stephen Totilo made the observation that more people play PSPs on New York City subway trains than DSes. Which system do you see more in the wild, though? Does it depend on where you are at the time?

If you've ever come across someone you didn't know with a DS, have you ever ended up randomly playing a game together?

Square Enix CEO gifts sweet DS Lite to XSEED CEO

You're looking at the gift. See, XSEED's CEO is Jun Iwasaki, who used to run Square Enix before he left to found his current company. The head honcho over at Square Enix now, Tetsuya Nomura, decided to hook him up with the custom It's a Wonderful World (The World Ends With You) handheld in what we can only hope is an example to others in the future. We have to break down these barriers!

We want to see a Coca Cola truck driver letting a Pepsi truck driver merge during heavy traffic. We want to see DS and PSP enthusiasts swapping consoles, sharing great experiences with each other. It's ... it's just such a feel good moment.

PSP beating DS ... on New York subway trains

The poor PSP has spent most of its life getting kicked in the teeth by the rampaging DS in all major regions; even taking into account its recent strong performance in Japan, there's no doubt that Sony's machine has come in a firm second place. But look, here comes MTV's Stephen Totilo, and he's bearing good news for Sony executives everywhere: the PSP is the most popular handheld in New York City! Well, alright, on the New York City subway. Okay, on the New York subway's "C Train". Hey, the little victories count as well!

Totilo reached this summary through the simplest, most non-scientific method ever: over the course of a year, he mentally tallied up how many of each handheld he saw played on the subway, and eventually counted 67 PSPs, 44 DSes, 6 Game Boy Advances, and 0 Gizmondos. While he treats his findings light-heartedly (as you should), Totilo concludes that this preference for the PSP is due to the typical subway commuter being older and having a higher disposable income and being on the same subway train as Stephen Totilo.

It's a very specific survey.

May NPD: Buoyant

"Safe and steady" was the theme of May's NPD figures, with no console either enjoying a majestic surge or suffering a crushing collapse -- the DS simply registered a decent if unspectacular 9% rise in hardware sales. As it turns out, that bump was timely, because it meant the console reached 20 million units sold in North America, a landmark that has now been passed in all major regions.

Of course, we could snicker at how the PSP only clinched 29% of the handheld market, and so we will.
  • Wii: 714.2K 39.1K (5.5%)
  • DS: 414.8K 37.8K (9.1%)
  • PSP: 192.7K 10.4K (5.4%)
  • Xbox 360: 188K 1.4K (0.8%)
  • PS3: 187.1K 21.6K (11.5%)
  • PS2: 124.4K 8.3K (6.7%)
Software sales are waiting past the break.

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Point: Uh, yeah, it totally will get redesigned

While we all think it would be totally rad if Nintendo issued either another redesigned DS model or a whole new handheld unit altogether, certain things must be considered first. Like, will it make Nintendo some money? Also, is there a demand? And, finally, is the DS as it is now outdated and no longer a viable option for the consumer?

Let's look at the facts, folks:
  • The original Game Boy released in 1989 and saw several revisions, including a color change in 1995, a smaller system in the Game Boy Pocket in 1996, the Game Boy Light in 1997 and the Game Boy Color in 1998
  • The Game Boy Advance released in 2001 and saw 2 revisions before it was officially retired, with the Game Boy Advance SP releasing in 2003 and the Game Boy Advance Micro releasing in 2005
  • The original DS was released in 2004 and since has received one revision, in the DS Lite, which released in 2006
But, this is not all that needs be considered. For one, the DS Lite is still selling incredibly well, and Nintendo might think to adopt the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" plan of attack on this one, choosing to sit back and let the thing sell as long as it possibly can. However, due to the lowering manufacturing costs and Nintendo's profit on each unit sold, a revision with newer features might be manufactured for the same, or a very similar, price. This would allow Nintendo to sell the new unit at a higher price than the DS Lite and make even more money on each handheld sold. There goes the answer to the first question.

What about demand? Well, the demand for the existing DS Lite is there, but we'll be the first to tell you that, while we love the handheld , it's not perfect. Alterations in the best interest of the handheld may still be made, including generic improvements such as improving battery life and the like.If the people still love the DS Lite, we find little reason for them not to upgrade and froth at the mouth for something like a DS Liter.

What about its use to the consumer? Does it still remain a great choice for the general consumer? Sure, but in technology years, the thing is like a Brontosauras with Jesus resting comfortably on top of it. What we're saying is, the thing is old. While its appeal may never go away thanks to the easy control scheme and mountains of amazing titles available for it, one cannot ignore the competition. As new features are released everyday for Sony's PSP system, the DS Lite is increasingly dwarfed by the technological wizardry capable with Sony's handheld. If Nintendo went with a new version of the DS, we'd like to see them implement some of the more standard technological features that exist in other handheld devices on the market.

So will Nintendo release a revision to the DS? Sure, whether it's a new handheld entirely or a new DS, Nintendo would be crazy not to build on what they have with the DS Lite. Will we see it at E3 this year? This blogger thinks so, because, to be honest, what other megatons could they possibly drop on us?


Back Not so fast there!

Survey says: Japanese women prefer DS, Men PSP

Net Asia Co. Ltd. recently performed a poll, misleadingly showing Japanese gamers' handheld preferences by gender. The reason that we consider this survey misleading is because the DS Lite and DS Phat were split up into two different categories. Why not, then, split up the PSP-1000 (the original) and PSP-2000 (the newer, slimmer one)? Okay, so no one would actually pick the 1000 over the 2000, but splitting up the two DS models (and GBA models, for that matter) just doesn't make sense to us.

With that rant out of the way, though, the poll (in which 401 mobile phone users partook) shows that 42% of Japanese men prefer the PSP, while 30.3% prefer the DS Lite and 16.8% the Phat. As for women, 52.2% picked the Lite and 27.4% chose the Phat, while only 8.8% prefered the PSP. (Note: In case you're wondering why these numbers don't add up to 100%, the unlisted percents were split between the Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, and Game Boy Advance SP.)

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Big in Japan: DS coasts to fiscal 2007 victory

Been keeping up with sales figures from Japan recently? If so, you'll have noticed something unusual: for the first time in years, the DS isn't absolutely creaming the competition. Whether the PSP's resurgence will last is another debate for another post, but it hasn't been able to prevent Nintendo's handheld from taking top spot in fiscal year 2007.

The DS won in style as well, selling 6.34 million units (that's one DS sold every five seconds, FYI) and comfortably beating the Wii (3.74m sales) into second place. In case you're wondering, that sound you can hear is Iwata, Reggie, and Shiggy clinking champagne glasses on board their yacht of solid gold.

The gap between the Wii and PSP is considerably smaller, while the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 occupy fourth and fifth place respectively (mystifyingly, the PlayStation 2 wasn't counted). And it wasn't only hardware sales that Nintendo dominated -- the five best-selling games were all from the Nintendo stable, with Wii Fit, Mario Party DS, Wii Sports, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon doing the business. Make like Godzilla and stomp past the break for the charts.

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DS Daily: The better fit

We know that some of you (like this blogger) have love for both the DS and PSP, while others find that the DS meets all your handheld needs. No matter where you stand, though, you've probably thought at one point or another that some game on the PSP would be better suited for the DS, and vice versa.

If so, share your thoughts with us. What PSP games would benefit from the DS's features, like its dual screens and touchscreen? And what DS games would be better on UMDs, with better graphics and more space for things like elaborate cutscenes?

Invade your friends' space

In an interesting turn of events, the DS version of Space Invaders Extreme will play host to several online features, while the PSP experience will only have local play. Maybe our unchecked pessimism is at fault here, but whenever we see a multiplatform title announced, we automatically assume that the dual-screen edition will be an afterthought, a slipshod product adjoined with ill-conceived touchscreen controls and minigames in the same way a madman engineer might weld iron limbs to human flesh. We're thrilled to see that isn't the case this time!

Space Invaders Extreme's multiplayer versus mode (local and online) will have you racing against another player to destroy advancing aliens. You can follow your opponent's progress on the top display while fighting your own battle on the bottom screen. You'll also be able to compare your record with other players on the game's world ranking system. If only Taito implemented some sort of voice chat -- that way, you could annoy your online adversary by singing Genesis's "Invisible Touch" along with Extreme's synth soundtrack.

See also: 2008's Biggest Blips -- Space Invaders Extreme

Printing money of surprisingly little interest to Microsoft

With the DS and ... that other handheld having sold a combined total of almost 100 million units, you'd have thought that Microsoft would be like a bear on honey when it came to the portable gaming market.

Well, apparently not. See, they're not all about cash, those Redmond billionair -- okay, we can't say that with a straight face. Truth is, they are all about cash. It's just that Nintendo (and, if we must, Sony) has done such a fine job of covering handhelds that it's going to be pretty awkward for Microsoft to join in the fun.

Those aren't our words either, but the verdict of Robbie Bach, president of Microsoft Entertainment and Devices: "... When I look at the handheld space, we haven't seen anything there that says, 'gosh, we wanna go make a big investment there.' It's a fairly tough area, a place where Sony and particularly Nintendo are doing a pretty good job."

We've heard about Microsoft's non-interest in the handheld arena before, yet we're also familiar with Microsoft's fickle nature -- Xbox, anybody?

[Via Go Nintendo]

IGN fans the flames of PSP vs. DS debate

Ah, fanboy debate. Nothing quite motivates those lurking in the darkest corners of the internet to pounce from their hiding places like some really intense debate over which handheld is the best. And, now IGN has just sounded the equivalent to a dinner bell, asking one and all to come and help them decide which is the better, the Nintendo DS or Sony PSP.

How do they decide this? Well, through the games.

Continue reading IGN fans the flames of PSP vs. DS debate

The DS Life: Betrayal!

The DS Life is a weekly feature in which we scour the known world for narrative images of Nintendo's handhelds and handheld gamers. If you have a photo and a story to match it with, send both to thedslife at dsfanboy dot com.

He doesn't hear the heavy door being pushed open, nor does he notice that thin stripe of outside light across the room extending its reach to the leather loveseat he's made himself so comfortable on.

He is too engrossed with his new game, astonished with its colors and graphics. The steps of the intruder's boots click towards him on the hardwood floor, heel to toe. Only when the surprise guest stops in front of him and politely coughs does he pause to look up ...

Continue reading The DS Life: Betrayal!

Japan chooses DS Lite over PSP, but only just

Japan's long-running love affair with the DS is well-documented, with the handheld comfortably outselling all other gaming hardware in the region since its December 2004 launch. The PSP, despite making more inroads into the handheld market than any previous challenger to Nintendo's throne, lies a distant second.

Which is why a new survey, conducted by Cross Marketing Inc. and presented to us in the form of pretty pie charts, comes as something of a surprise. When asked which portable games machine they most craved, 23% of Japanese consumers revealed they fancied the DS Lite, while 22% opted for the PSP. Even taking into account the 7% who would choose the original DS, that's not a big lead for Ninty in the popularity stakes.

We can't really fault how the poll was carried out, either. Of the 300 individuals who completed Cross Marketing Inc.'s questionnaire, there was a 50:50 male and female split, while 20% of the respondents were in their teens, 20% in their twenties, 20% in their thirties, 20% in their forties, and 20% in their fifties.

In fact, the only beef we have with the survey is that the number of individuals polled is a tad low. 300 is a small enough figure, but when almost half of those express no interest whatsoever in gaming on the go, it suddenly makes the entire exercise a heck of a lot less representative.

DS breaks record in UK

We haven't seen the UK been so receptive to something since the black plague. OK, maybe that was out of line, but you folks across the pond are seriously down with the DS. And, that is something we can get down with.

Over the last week, the DS sold over 191,000 units. This breaks the record for any hardware format selling in a 7-day period in the UK, which is the largest gaming market in Europe. The previous record was set by Sony's PSP device, which sold 185,000 units in its first week, after the handheld went on sale on September 1st, 2005.

[Via Nintendic]

Star Tribune: DS is easy to pick over the PSP

Ah, mainstream media. How we love your misinformed nature and incredible ability to point out the obvious. Like, how the DS is way better than the PSP. You've really showed your clairvoyance, Miss Cleo.

We will agree that choosing between the DS and PSP is a lot easier than choosing between the current generation of consoles, however. In terms of price, it's a smaller commitment and it's easier to decide between two, rather than three. But one thing the DS has (like its console cousin, the Wii) is an appeal to people of all ages and all walks of life.

What are some other things you love about the DS? Why do you think it's better than the PSP (we have a feeling you're going to say "the games")? Or, don't you, and you're merely reading DSF to learn more about your enemy for the impending battle between fanboy armies?

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