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Poll: Do you import?

You know, we were sitting here, just going about our day, when someone asked us what we thought about imports (it was Jump Ultimate Stars, in case you were wondering). Personally, we don't do much importing, and in thinking about our own trials and tribulations in attempting to bring foreign product to our doorstep, we wondered if many of you avid DS players out there imported. So, do you import or are the importing seas much too dangerous for you to navigate?

Do you import?
Sure, but I tend to avoid heavy-text games
I love importing (even those text-heavy games)
Nope, it' s better to just keep my fingers crossed it'll be released locally
I did once, but got burned so I don't do it anymore

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3-21-2007 @ 3:07PM

Hyperfludd said...

I imported Ouendan. Freaking great game.


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3-21-2007 @ 3:34PM

Parker said...

I've been known to import hardware, like DDR mats, or music (unrelated to this blog, except for the occasional game soundtrack). Generally speaking, I'll wait for a localized version of a game before purchasing. Because even if a game is mostly playable in a foreign language, it'll be those few unintelligible parts that are the most crucial. ;-)


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3-21-2007 @ 4:31PM

Frip said...

I've imported Phoenix Wright 2 and some Hori screen protectors from Play-Asia. Haven't felt compelled to import anything else. The game itself was pretty disappointing, too.


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3-21-2007 @ 4:44PM


Can anyone tell me what games I should import? I'm sure there's something I'm missing on right now.


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3-21-2007 @ 4:58PM

JC said...

90% of my DS games are imported, including my Japanese DS Lite.


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3-21-2007 @ 6:09PM

HexiJosh said...

What about an option for "I would, but my wallet won't allow it"?


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3-21-2007 @ 6:18PM

Badaro said...

I import fairly often.

I currently own 18 japanese games between Cube, PS2 and DS. I'm also waiting for two more purchases I made, and were already shipped.

There's plenty of great games that never made to the US, and I don't want to miss them.


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3-21-2007 @ 6:38PM

Kia said...

Yet another shining example of the silliness in the editors' demand for the staff to act like a collective hive mind. So you all swear off importing, do you? Odd...

I myself do a bit. Aside from my modded PS2, I have a couple PSP imports, along with Tales of the Tempest and Seiken Densetsu DS.


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3-21-2007 @ 7:36PM

hvnlysoldr said...

My brother has an imported PS2, FFX international, and KH:Final Mix. I don't know if he plans on buying more through his friends.


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3-21-2007 @ 8:27PM

Genoboost said...

I've imported a handful of games, though I usually wait a couple months before importing, just to be sure that the game is most likely not getting a US release. Also just in case there is a price drop so I don't have to spend the whole 50 bucks on a DS game. I also look at whatever reviews for the games I can find, so I am sure I don't get stuck with a game with a large emphasis on text and have no clue what I am doing.


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3-21-2007 @ 8:40PM

Naruhodou said...


Daigasso! Band Brothers, Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan, and Jump Ultimate Stars are a few of the more popular imported Japanese games. I personally recommend Ouendan, or just the americanized Elite Beat Agents if you don't feel like importing.


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Andrew Hsieh12

3-21-2007 @ 9:27PM

Andrew Hsieh said...

I've only ever imported Bleach DS: Souten ni Kakeru Unmei, and that experience was cool enough to warrant another import -- but I don't, 'cause of money. :]


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3-22-2007 @ 2:33AM

Michael said...

i have 3 imported games. Ouendan, Jump Ultimate Stars, and Bleach DS 2nd.


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3-22-2007 @ 4:33AM

BPM said...

You guys asked about importing before (Granted, there wasn't a poll on that post, but meh), so I'm just linking to my previous comment to save me time. :P


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3-22-2007 @ 4:48AM

BPM said...

Oh, I just realized...
I also own Yoshi's Egg (the Japanese version of the puzzle game Yoshi) for Game Boy.
That was the first import game I owned. I got it many, many years ago, at a time when Kmart used to sell used games.


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3-22-2007 @ 9:47AM

Falcon said...

All the Bit Generations
DS lite rumble pack

I'll just have to learn Japanese for things Like Mother 3, Jump Ultimate Stars, etc... or more likely wait/hope for a localized version


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3-22-2007 @ 10:35AM

randomguy132 said...

I imported my DS Lite, but now it's malfunctioning... they fixed it once, but now the same issue is happening and it's past Play-Asia's one year warranty. So I don't think I will anymore.


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3-22-2007 @ 12:42PM

ssuk said...

Import has become a norm for me, since I'm in Europe American versions are cheaper and released sooner than our EU counter parts, even after S&H. Why should I bother with EU DS games when I have this option?


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3-23-2007 @ 10:53AM

Ben said...

I have Picross which is one of my favorite DS Puzzle games and the Konami Arcade compilation. The Konami game is great because it's pretty much all in English!


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3-27-2007 @ 12:32AM

genghisbunny said...


I got it too, and both of the Bleach games, along with final fantasy 6 advance when I got impatient for the localisation. Definitely wouldn't ever buy an RPG import - you lose the whole story.

But Ouendan is well worth the price of admission, even though I'm having a much harder time cracking it than Elite Beat Agents.

I find the controls in Bleach a bit hard to work out with no manual, but the graphics are stunning, and it's good fun even as a button basher.


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