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DS Fanswag: Brain builder blowout

Are you feeling mentally down? Does calculating the cost of your groceries at your local supermarket taking you longer than usual? Well, we might just have something that can help you get mentally fit again. Whether you're 88 or 18 (sorry, if you're under 18 years of age or live outside the United States, you are not eligible), everyone can always use some extra mental exercises to help them get fit again.

What will you win? Well, that's simple. One grand prize winner will receive a copy of Brain Age 2 (valued at $20), Picross DS (valued at $20) and Brain Buster Puzzle Pak (valued at $20). With all those puzzle titles, you should be as mentally fit as a young Albert Einstein.

So, do your brain a favor and make a comment below. All we're asking is that you tell us the last time you were feeling mentally sluggish. Hey, we're all friends here, no need to feel embarrassed when you had some difficulty adding and subtracting with The Count.

Before you do that, though, make sure that you read the official rules before entering. The contest will be open from Wednesday October 10th, 2007 9:45am EST until Sunday October 14th, 2007 11:59PM EST.

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Reader Comments

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81. last time i felt sluggish i was filling out college applications.

Posted at 4:49PM on Oct 10th 2007 by Dexxx

82. Does now count?

Posted at 5:13PM on Oct 10th 2007 by Dave

83. Just getting out of the post-wake up mental sluggishness right now, yay not having to go to work until 6pm

Posted at 5:13PM on Oct 10th 2007 by kyle

84. Every time there's a contest that requires me to comment more than "Hello World..."

Posted at 5:29PM on Oct 10th 2007 by PuppyHucker

85. Today during Strategic Management...yikes.

Posted at 5:43PM on Oct 10th 2007 by adrenaline

86. Right now. Long shift at work, and a long bus ride home. Good thing I have Zelda to keep me company, and a hockey game to look forward to.


Posted at 5:46PM on Oct 10th 2007 by Martin

87. i dont feel mentally sluggish -- i just want the games. :)

Posted at 5:59PM on Oct 10th 2007 by Aaron

88. I'm always mentally sluggish in the morning at work, I open doors without using my pass card a couple of times (which sets off an alarm). Also you say as mentally fit as young einstein but young einstein failed math.

Posted at 6:02PM on Oct 10th 2007 by Michael K.

89. Probably when I was playing a quick game of solitare on my laptop, and lost.

Posted at 6:05PM on Oct 10th 2007 by c_judicator

90. I'm going have to say right now. The kinda mental-numbness you get when you find out you never win these type of things and wonder why the hell you even try. =)

Posted at 6:08PM on Oct 10th 2007 by hermes

91. During my accounting class today.

Picross please.

Posted at 6:15PM on Oct 10th 2007 by Crazylink

92. I am about as mentally sluggish as Forrest Gump would be while playing Metal Slug.

Posted at 6:22PM on Oct 10th 2007 by Chase

93. I had a massive brain fart today during class while the teacher was talking about string theory.......the professor asked me a question and all i could think of was how awsome LOZ-PH i just said....UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM......until he asked someone else

Posted at 6:58PM on Oct 10th 2007 by TheCoats

94. My biggest sluggish moment would be when my mom asked me what me and my girlfriend did last night........I couldnt think fast enough to come up with a lie so i just stood there for a moment..........i really need this game.......

Posted at 7:01PM on Oct 10th 2007 by TheCoats

95. Sluggish moment-right now trying to think of what more moment had when so i game get and win

Posted at 7:03PM on Oct 10th 2007 by TheCoats

96. I am a little bit of mentally sluggish even if I don't admit to that.

Posted at 7:17PM on Oct 10th 2007 by Ryan Jones

97. I feel pretty sluggish now, but one of the sluggishy-est moments I've had recently was when it dawned on me that I had to turn the knob on the faucet instead of pushing it. (In my defense, it looked like a big flat pushbutton, the arrows on it had faded off, and pushing it DID yield SOME water flow. :) )

Posted at 7:25PM on Oct 10th 2007 by Jx2

98. Staying up late to see a concert and then going to work the next day sure as hell made me sluggish.

Posted at 7:32PM on Oct 10th 2007 by AJ

99. I have been feeling just awful today, so I'm happy to see a Fanswag. Anyway, I had maybe 2 to 3 hours of sleep today. I'm not sure if I even fell asleep or if I was just drifting into it. I'm feeling both mentally and physically fatigued, as well as emo. XD Siiigh.

Posted at 7:53PM on Oct 10th 2007 by Anvilfactory

100. Im feeling awefully slugish right now. I feel like I drank a case of Beer last night. awww crap i think i did.

Posted at 7:59PM on Oct 10th 2007 by EeyorE

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