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Dear Mario, please come to the castle, I have made some awesome cosplay

It's been a while since we last checked in on Swedish/Japanese student Jenni Källberg, a.k.a Queen of Nintendo cosplay, but here are her two most recent creations: Zero Suit Samus (actually revealed last month), and her take on Princess Peach. What is it that elevates Jenni's cosplay above others? Simple: the outfits are obviously beautifully made, the props are brilliant (we really need a giant Goomba now, though yes, we know it isn't actually that size), and there's a sense of humor about her work. Well, Raccoon Mario's sudden appearance made us laugh, anyway.

Oh, and who hasn't encountered this problem? Just looking at that picture frustrates us!

Want moar cosplay? We've seen creative folks dressing up to pay tribute to all sorts of DS games, including Nintendogs, Zelda, Professor Layton, Advance Wars, The World Ends With You, and even, um, Brain Training.

Show and Tell: Recipes for awesome

Good news -- we're expanding Show and Tell a little to include not only your personal creations (though these are, of course, our favorites), but all sorts of interesting fan-created things we find in the wide world of the internet. Each week, we'll show off a new set of Nintendo-inspired projects, and this week, we're starting with the basics: recipes and ingredients. Every creation has to begin somewhere, after all. Your journey can start right here.

Show and Tell is all about fan stuff, so long as it's Nintendo-related. We love to see your collections, your crafts, your frosted creations, your t-shirts and swag of all sorts.Just snap a few pictures, tell us what's up, and send it all to showmeit [at] dsfanboy [dot] com. We'll take care of the rest. Not a handy type, but found something neat? Send us a link instead.

DS Daily: FPS

The latest footage of Renegade Kid's Moon convinced us (and IGN's Matt Casamassina) that the game could be something special, though a few of you evidently still need some encouragement. In the comments, reader John B. argued that no matter how much impressive technology Renegade Kid throws at Moon, it wouldn't be enough, because first-person shooters just don't work as well on the DS.

We're of the opinion that the handheld currently lacks a great FPS, but do you think the DS will ever see a triple-A game in this genre, given its obvious technical limitations?

Nintendo dev leaves company, heads to Microsoft

For those of you who keep track of developers and programmers like children keep track of baseball cards, this bit of news is going to be old hat to you. For the rest of the Nintendo loyal, prepare to light some torches and sharpen some pitchforks, because longtime programmer Colin Reed has bailed on Nintendo and taken up a position at Microsoft.

Reed was with Nintendo for 11 years, working on such titles as Metroid Prime: Hunters and Pikmin. He now joins Microsoft's Turn-10, an internal studio that is responsible for the Forza Motorsport line-up of games.

Fan remake of Metroid II is not only awesome, but also playable

We love fans. Not only because we are fans and we're completely narcissistic, but because they always come up with some of the coolest things.

Take, for example, this remake of Metroid II: Return of Samus for the original Game Boy. It may be nothing new for a fan to recreate an oldschool game, but this is one of the best we've seen. DoctorM64 not only did a great job with the sprites, but also tweaked the level design a bit so that the game flows more smoothly.

If you want to try this remake for yourself, it's only a click away. Keeping in mind that this is only a tech demo and not the completed version, we're sure that you'll be even more impressed. Also, you can check out DoctorM64's blog to get a feel for the creation process.

[Via Destructoid]

Nintendo-themed cases bring style to your DS

If you're still searching for the perfect case for your DS Lite, you might want to check out these handmade options by eBay's munkybaby05. Made with yarn, felt, and plastic canvas, these cases are adorably geeky, and according to the seller, will fit snugly on any DS Lite.

There's two Metroid options, including the one pictured above and a Samus vs. metroid case. If you prefer the Legend of Zelda as your game of choice, though, she also has a case featuring Link and another with a sparkly Triforce.

The cutest of all, though, are the Mario-themed cart cases, which are shaped like little boxes and can hold about nine or ten games. The game holders are available in red mushroom, green mushroom, or question block designs.

Currently they're not too expensive for handmade items ($18 including shipping and handling for the DS Lite cases, $11 for the game cases), but of course, you never know with eBay.

[Thanks, GenoBoost!]

Huge discounts and prizes at Play Asia's Year of the Rat Lucky Sale

Bringing in the Chinese New Year, import shop Play Asia has slashed the prices on over five thousand of its in-stock games and accessories. What's more, each order you put in between today and February 29th will count towards an entry for you to win a variety of Japanese consoles, games, and store credits. There's just too many items on sale to list, so we've picked out a few from the DS and GBA sections that might pique your interest.

DS game sales:
  • Ryuusei no RockMan: Dragon, Leo, and Pegasus - $48.90 $9.90
  • Nodame Cantabile - $48.90 $14.90
  • Operation: Vietnam (US) - $24.90 $16.90
  • Slide Adventure: Mag Kid - $58.90 $19.90
  • Oshare Majo Love and Berry (DS Collection) - $58.90 $19.90
  • K-1 World GP - $48.90 $24.90
  • Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2 - $48.90 $29.90
Jump past the break for the accessory and GBA bargains!

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The Mother of All Brains

Lwelyk, the Lego mosaicist (mosaician?) behind some truly excellent Nintendo block art, has posted his latest masterpiece, a large-scale model of Metroid's final-boss-in-a-jar. This Mother Brain is "about the size of (Lwelyk's) torso" and took "four or five hours." We can only imagine that part of that time was spent shooting little flying rings so he could get back up on the tiny platform on which he was building the sculpture.

Can you imagine how upsetting it would be to walk in and see something like this, especially if you weren't familiar with Metroid? Or, even worse, to wake up in the middle of the night and see this ... mass ... in your house?

Mariotroid is the gaming mash-up of our dreams

It doesn't really irk us that this Mario/Metroid mélange is at least eight minutes too long, because it manages to confirm a sneaking suspicion that we've held for some time now: that there is a niche between 2D Mario and 2D Metroid games, just aching to be filled. We knew it!

Over to you, Nintendo.

[Via Go Nintendo]

Against all odds, Samus cosplay looks surprisingly good

In recent times, we've shone the Fanboy spotlight on cosplay experiments that have ranged from adorable to slightly surreal. This Samus number effortlessly trumps the lot, however.

For starters, it's Samus. Samus cosplay is not a walk in the park, kids. We can only begin to imagine the sheer frustration involved in accurately recreating the Power Suit, with all of its peculiar angles and ridges (not to mention those awkward shoulder spheres). Which makes this effort, featuring Swedish student Jenni Källberg, all the more admirable.

More pictures after the jump.

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DS Fanboy presents: Game Night 11/8/07 aftermath

Like a walk of shame after a one-night stand, we found ourselves wishing that last night's Game Night session could've lasted longer for us and not have come to a close. But, those pesky responsibilities of ours always seem to get in the way. Oh well, them's the breaks.

Hit up the poll below and vote for next week's theme game.

What should be our theme game for 11/15/07?

DS Fanboy presents: Game Night 11/8/07

We hear your cries! We know you all want to get your Worms on, as we've read in comments that you all want to play. That's great and we're glad to hear it, but just because it isn't on the poll doesn't mean you can't play it folks. Those titles in the poll are just the theme game choices and by no means do we seek to force it down your throat. If we didn't remove the game that won the previous week's poll, then everyone would vote Pokemon every week. This gives people who are interested in other games a chance to play their game of choice.

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DS Fanboy presents: Game Night 11/1/07 aftermath

Friday has become a mixed bag for us. On the one hand, it marks the beginning of the weekend, which is always nice, but it also means we have to wait a really long time before we can play games together again. And, being bloggers and having a responsibility that never ends, we rather enjoy the small break we get to play games with you awesome readers every week. So, hit up the poll below and vote for next week's theme game while we cry in the corner, waiting for Thursday to come back again.

What should be our theme game for 11/8/07?

DS Fanboy presents: Game Night 11/1/07

It's Thursday. You know what that means. We're going to get together and celebrate some good, old-fashioned multiplayer action on the DS. And, we've got something special waiting after the break. So, get a move on and get ready to get your game on.

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DS Fanboy presents: Game Night 10/25/07 aftermath [update]

Personally, we had a blast playing The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass last night. Many of you were late in arriving to the chat, throwing down in some Metroid Prime Hunters, Overall, it was a pretty good night, but we're sure that most of you regulars could've managed to make it. We understand things come up, but you better be there next week.

Oh, you better ... or else.

Update: Due to popular demand, we've added Worms: Open Warfare 2 to the poll. If you want other games added in the future (or ... right now), let us know in the comments here or feel free to email me at david at dsfanboy dawt com.

What should be our theme game for 11/1/07?

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