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Astley DS-10 just wants to tell you how it's feeling

The above video proves the old saying -- where there's a will, there's a Rickroll. With the release of Korg's DS-10 synthesizer software in Japan, naturally, someone has composed a track recreating Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up," the meme that launched a thousand prank Youtube links.

Half of the hilarity is missing with the singer's sunglasses and dance moves absent, just as any rendition of Europe's "Final Countdown" suffers without Gob, but that's what homebrew application RickRollDS is for!

Gallery: Korg DS-10

Rhythm patternsStylus synthingKnobs galore

[Via NeoGAF]

More Korg DS-10 info than we can understand

1UP's interview with Korg DS-10 producer Nobuyoshi Sano and Korg staff covers a lot of little details that we would never think to ask! For example, about linking up eight systems playing the thing and using one as a master. And about interfacing with other synthesizers.

But the parts of it that are simple enough for non-synth users (and non-programmers) like us to parse sound pretty neat. Prospective DS DJ types will be pleased to hear that Korg has, uh, "designed a type of limiter circuit in DS-10's internal mixer" in order to boost the program's sound output beyond the normal quiet DS levels. It's really not as technical as we make it sound, but we can't help but get into "WHAT IS THIS CONTRAPTION" mode whenever we see a screenshot of Korg DS-10 in action.

Gallery: Korg DS-10

Rhythm patternsStylus synthingKnobs galore

E308: DS Fanboy hands-on with Korg DS-10

The Korg DS-10 is an incredibly interesting thing. It's not really a game, and it's not really a full-fledged synthesizer. Instead, it's like a perfect middle ground of both. And, it's also something that looked incredibly daunting when first loaded up.

Gallery: Korg DS-10

Rhythm patternsStylus synthingKnobs galore

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E308: Korg DS-10 makes cool people cooler

If you've been waiting for Korg DS-10 to come out -- wait a little longer. In the meantime, we have the next best thing: a video of a badass Japanese dude rocking out with the portable synthesizer. This guy has a cool shirt, cool hair and an attitude of all-out righteousness. Unsurprisingly, he knows how to make Korg DS-10 really sing, especially since he's been hard at work before.

The less musically-inclined of us won't really have any clue how to use the thing, but we're sure all musos out there will know exactly how to configure an impressive array of blips and bloops into something worth listening to.

Gallery: Korg DS-10

Rhythm patternsStylus synthingKnobs galore

E308: XSeed localizing Game Center CX DS game, Populous DS

XSeed's list of E3 announcements just came in, featuring super awesome surprises! First, they've somehow gotten the U.S. publishing rights to Namco Bandai's Game Center CX: Arino no Chousenjou, the DS fake-retro-game collection based on the TV show! This winter, the company will release it in North America as Retro Game Challenge, which actually fits in nicely with the Retro Game Master title used for the American debut of the show. They've also announced a localized release of Populous DS for this fall.

The announcement provides official confirmation of U.S. releases for both Korg DS-10 and Avalon Code, as well. Still no Steal Princess, but we can't muster up any outrage about that right now.

[Via press release]

XSEED brings Korg DS-10 to North America in the tenth month

Forget paying an arm, leg, and Fabergé egg to get your grubby little hands on Korg DS-10 this year. Thanks to XSEED, the software is expected to hit North America in October.

Also, if you're interested in making this super-funktastic software produce crazy synthetic beats on your handheld, you should check out James Mielke's blog; the 1UP editor wrote up a total lovefest for Korg DS-10, praising its features (many of which he explains) and what this means for the DS. For instance, did you know that you can link four DS handhelds together while using this program (if you have four carts, that is)? 1UP also reports that the game will most likely not be an Amazon exclusive, like its Japanese counterpart was. Since we're not too fond of retail exclusives, we see that as only a good thing.

Another neat detail? Korg DS-10 will be available to play at E3. We love you, E3 -- oh, and you too, XSEED. While we're probably too inept to make anything noteworthy ourselves, we can't wait to see what the DS and musical communities have in store for us once this beauty is unleashed.

Gallery: Korg DS-10

Rhythm patternsStylus synthingKnobs galore

[Via GoNintendo]

Amazon Japan claims exclusivity to Korg DS-10

Talk about an importer's nightmare.

Granted, those interested in Korg DS-10 will still be able to import this intense synthesizer/music-creation software, but being an Amazon Japan exclusive will make it that much more expensive (as if imports didn't already make our wallets bleed). As much as we love Amazon, the retailer doesn't ship outside of its respective country or region, meaning a direct purchase from the site is impossible.

Going through some of the normal channels (like NCS or Play-Asia) will still work, but since they have to pay extra for retail, taxes, and shipping, the cost of the software went up $14. Now, instead of paying $48.90 for the import, interested parties have to pony up $62.90 -- and that doesn't even include shipping costs. Our wallets are crying.

Of course, if you don't need the software this month, you can always wait for Korg DS-10 to release worldwide -- whenever that will be.

[Via Destructoid]

Twiddling knobs in Korg DS-10

If, like us, you were the kid who was always relegated to triangle duty for your grade school's annual Nativity play, then the Korg DS-10 synthesizer program is probably not for you. And by "probably," we mean "definitely," because seriously, this thing looks complex. In the above video, we're shown some of the many mysterious dials and knobs that will probably help skilled musicians fashion the tunes of tomorrow, and us to create horrible-sounding sequences of flatulent beeps that go nowhere.

Speaking of the former, we've embedded a video after the break of Japanese musician Sanodg mixing a song from scratch using the DS-10 software, four Nintendo DSes, and a mixer. His performance (and our layman's knowledge of music) suggests that this is one serious piece of kit.

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Friday Video: Synthetic synth

The Korg DS-10 synthesizer program isn't coming out in Japan until July, and it's not coming out elsewhere until ... some other time, but it's already started making club appearances, thanks to AQ Interactive. The company posted videos of a DS-10 based performance at a Shibuya club called Linear. while it starts off a bit slow and chaotic, we think it's really cool to see music being built up from nothing, live on stage, using only the DS.

A continuation of this performance follows after the break. Who knew playing non-games on the DS could be such a public experience?

Friday Video: It's a video, posted on Friday. But it's also our chance to celebrate some of the amazing things that people do with or about their games, whether it's an official trailer or some dude's YouTube skit.

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Blue Dragon, Away: Shuffle Dungeon confirmed for U.S.

As if our recent poll regarding Blue Dragon Plus and Away: Shuffle Dungeon hadn't already put you on the spot enough, now you'll have to choose one for really reals. AQ Interactive's latest financial report confirms that both will hit North America in this fiscal year, and also mentioned a localized version of the Korg DS-10 (which we already knew about).

Incidentally, there's a further four third-party portable games being brought over by Xseed, and Siliconera reckons that those could include Flower, Sun and Rain, Lux Pain, and Dungeon Maker DS. As European versions of the first two have both been rumored, we'd tend to agree!

Take a closer look at Korg's DS-10

To say we're interested in the upcoming DS-10 from Korg would be an incredible understatement. We're dying from a disease that only the DS-10 can cure! So imagine how pleased we were to receive this dose of video goodness above, where some of the features of the DS-10 are shown.

Are you all as psyched for this as we are? Will you be picking it up when it releases?

[Thanks, Frastoglegnia!]

Micro music: Jam Without the Band

Lacking the friends needed to put together an Electroplankton/iPhone band? Too impatient for Korg's DS-10 release this summer? Don't let those trivial obstacles discourage you! You don't need a too-live crew to compose a rumpshaker, nor do you need expensive software applications. In fact, having a Nintendo DS isn't imperative either. As many chiptune musicians can attest, you don't need the latest handheld technology to lay down a boss track.

Take this artist in the video above, for example -- he's using Nanoloop, a homebrew synthesizer/sequencer available for both Game Boy and Game Boy Advance systems. You can download the program on the developer's official site for free! Of course, there are a few additional items required for the complete setup:
  • A mess of cables - $50+
  • Korg Kaossilator Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer - $200
  • Korg KP3 Kaoss Pad Dynamic Effect/Sampler - $400
Expensive? Sure, but listen to that music! These are the lush songs your android grandchildren will make babies to after watching the sun set on an alien world.

[Via Nicovideo]

DS-10 to release worldwide

Making music on your DS has been quite fun, whether your choice for creation be Electroplankton or Jam Sessions. Korg is tossing their hat into the ring now with the DS version, the DS-10, of their synthesizer, the MS-10. But this is not news to you.

What's news to you, and the rest of us, is that the DS-10 will receive a worldwide release. No word as of yet on when exactly to expect it in your stomping grounds (that is, unless you're in Japan, in which case it's coming in July), so keep an eye on DS Fanboy for more information as it's made available.

[Via IGN]

DS Daily: A new take on the expanded audience

I've never considered buying a Korg synthesizer before. I don't know how to play a keyboard! I don't know what all those knobs and wires do! I would be totally useless with one. But when the Korg DS-10 card was revealed yesterday, I was suddenly filled with desire to own a synthesizer. Of course I need one of those, I thought -- I've always wanted one.

It's sort of a reversal of the expanded audience idea. While Nintendo intends to have this kind of stuff on the DS to bring people in who traditionally don't like games, I find myself as a gamer drawn to stuff that I wouldn't really want unless it were released on a game console. I know I'm not the only person who decided it was very important to keep my brain active right around the time Brain Age came out.

The very nature of something being on the DS makes it more interesting to me. Anyone else feel the same way?

DS Daily: Making music

With Korg managing to squeeze its MS-10 synthesizer onto the DS, and Taiko Drum Master: 7 Islands' Adventure set to offer us access to all manner of percussive instruments, Nintendo's handheld now supports an impressive assortment of instruments. There are still gaps waiting to be filled, however, so which other instruments would you like to see emulated on your DS? Anyone else up for playing a spot of stylus-based violin?

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