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Conjecture Countdown: One more day!

With only one more day of waiting before the debut of the diminished E3, we've decided to get serious and offer up some real predictions about what we will -- and won't -- see at the show. Check after the jump for the breakdown, by writer, of the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of our E3 hopes and fears.

Alisha Karabinus
  • Maybe this is more wishful thinking than a prediction, but I think we'll see additional DS colors coming to the US. Only two, though ... and it's a tough call on which two. Probably the new Gloss Silver and one of the blues. I don't know if we're ready for a second pink.
  • I think we'll see several announcements about all-new casual and "nongame" fare for the DS. More clones of current puzzle games, another language trainer in the works, and maybe even one or two of the SE Lifestyle titles, though I'm not sure that last is really viable here, sadly. I'd pick up yoga and gardening trainers!
David Hinkle
  • New colors: I have to agree with Alisha here; the focus of the show is going to be on the Wii, mostly, and with no complaints from us, and likely, most of you, regarding how they're doing things on the DS side, they're going to toss us some new colors and not change much.
  • Phantom Hourglass: Nintendo is going to show us tons on the upcoming game, including Wi-Fi gameplay, trailers, screens and the like.
JC Fletcher
  • Along with the boom of casual games, we'll see more US and European indie developers get into DS development. N+ and Cake Mania are just the start. And, I suppose, Elf Bowling.
  • Brain Age 2 will retail at full price.
Eric Caoili
  • Quite a few third-party games that've been available in Japan for some time now will finally be announced for US localization by both Nintendo and third party publishers.
  • More unimpressive casual software from EA, Ubisoft, and the usual guys, Jam Sessions and maybe another title being exceptions.

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1. I'm with Alisha and Dave here, with the New Colors.

I need an Enamel Navy DSLite!

Posted at 10:55AM on Jul 10th 2007 by Nushio

2. More compatibility between Wii and DS, making it more of a download station, offering Demos or full games or content ??
More Wii games where DS is another controller option?

Posted at 1:56PM on Jul 10th 2007 by Tony B

3. The whole "Wii Download Station" thing is definitely something they should get on

That was one of the cooler early concepts for WiiConnect24

Posted at 4:46PM on Jul 10th 2007 by Mr Khan

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