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Joystiq's hands-on with EA Playground

Joystiq's Zack Stern recently got a little hands-on time with both the DS and Wii versions of EA Playground, and the results are mixed. While he reports that a few of the games seem pretty fun -- skateboarding and dodge ball are standouts, as we could have predicted (and did!) -- but some of the others seem to lack the depth necessary to keep players interested. The biggest downfall, however, comes in that the cart doesn't offer download play; each player has to have a copy of the title in order to participate in multiplayer bouts. Now, we understand that EA is in this gig to make money, and we can't blame them, but not only is download play one of the handheld's best features, but it also serves as a fantastic marketing tool. Invite a friend over for some multiplayer, get them hooked, and watch as they pick up their own copy of the game. In fact, that's pretty much Nintendo's entire marketing scheme in a nutshell, and download play helps rather than hinders.

The specific problem here, as Stern states, is that EA Playground seems like the sort of title that will fare much better in multiplayer than in single player over the long run. So unless you happen to really love the idea of playground-style minigames, or you have several friends who plan on picking this one up, it just may be a game to skip.

Gallery: EA Playground

MySims improves just in time for release

GoNintendo offered us an updated look at the DS version of MySims, and we must say that we're pleased to see such vast improvements. The few review scores that are in so far are all over the place, however, so the jury is still out on whether or not the updated graphics will be enough. If you're picking up the DS version, let us know what you think!

The updated screenshots are in the gallery below, along with some older shots for comparison.

Gallery: MySims

E3 07: Hot diggity! The Simpsons DS videos!

Though the Nintendo DS version of The Simpsons Game won't have the 3D frills that its console counterparts will feature, that's perfectly fine with us! We didn't need 3D to enjoy The Simpsons' license when it was an arcade game in the 90s, and we don't need it now!

Judging by these first two video previews, the family's first foray onto our dual-screened system looks fantastic! As expected, the 2D platformer is teeming with references and characters from the show, even including a a level where you get to eat your way through the Land of Chocolate. According to Game|Life, Electronic Arts will be packing the handheld title with 2000 lines of spoken dialogue.

We weren't impressed with most of the minigames we saw unlocked in Noiseland Arcade, but the "Pet Homer" Nintendogs spoof definitely made us smile. We've always wanted a donut-chomping lout of our own to poke, feed, and care for. Do the Bartman and dance past the post break for GameTrailers' developer walkthroughs.

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Harry Potter and the Free Movie Tickets

Accio free tickets! GameStop and Electronics Boutique are both offering a free Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie pass with every online purchase of the film's Nintendo DS and Wii games.

Due for release this June 25th, the action adventure title tracks the hocus-pocus hijinks of the lightning-scarred brit and his friends' fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Though we can't reveal whether or not Hermione dies in this one, we can summon up the console-universal trailer that Electronic Arts released not too long ago. Head past the post break to Platform 9¾ for the embedded video.

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MySims - more like Animal Crossing all the time

The latest from MySims DS looks so much like Animal Crossing that we kept scanning the background for Tom Nook. There's even a fishing interlude. And according to IGN's interview with producer Mitch Ueno, "You can even design your clothes with the DS stylus." The only real difference is in the character designs, so if you hate animals, but always wanted to play Animal Crossing, your day is coming.

Despite our disparaging tone, we here at DS Fanboy will probably turn in hundreds of hours on MySims, especially if you can power off the DS without getting a ten-minute lecture.

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New listings for The Sims: Castaway Stories on Wii and DS

The Sims 2: Castaway Stories, the new tropical island-themed entry in the series, may be heading to DS. Gamefly, the online rental service, has the game listed on its site. According to the listing, it's due for an October 11th release.

It's a shame this is coming out in October, as this would make a great summer title. Who wouldn't want to sit on the beach, stylus in one hand, cocktail in the other, designing the perfect holiday island paradise?

The stylus should suit the series perfectly; getting that beach furniture in just the right spot should be a cinch. As well as the usual Sims fare, there will also be a story mode wherein you'll be able to guide your character through life's various challenges; don't be surprised if there's a whole heap of romance in there, too.

[Via Siliconera]

Pogo Island's redeemable qualities

Pogo Island isn't a particularly terrible game; there just hasn't been much we've heard about it worth discussing. Electronic Arts developed the puzzle collection as a handheld supplement to its popular casual gaming site, Pogo. Marked at full price though, it's hard to justify buying a title that's essentially a round up of the five most popular games EA already offers for free online.

Even with that in mind, Pogo Island isn't completely without merit. As GameSetWatch pointed out to us, playing the game earns you tokens which can later be uploaded to your Pogo account online. Trading in any tokens you acquire from either or Pogo Island buys you a ticket for the site's daily prize drawings (Up to $1000!).

Why don't more DS titles have connectivity like this? Wouldn't it be great if you could exchange all those Star coins you collected in New Super Mario Bros. for a free copy of the Super Mario Bros. 3 DVD? Or if discounts were offered at an online pet shop when Nintendogs notices that you've been taking good care of your puppy? Features like this won't automatically turn a mediocre game into a great one, but it's an easy way to add to its worth.

We find the fun in MySims DS scans

Finally, a look at MySims on DS that looks worth playing. We were starting to get a little sulky, because it looked like all the fun went into the Wii version and we were left with some lackluster Mii knockoffs, but these latest scans from Famitsu show off what DS owners can expect from the upcoming Sims redux. Hit the jump to see the scans, complete with inset screenshots.

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First screenshots of MySims DS lack fun

Though EA announced MySims for both the Nintendo DS and the Wii, we haven't spotted many previews for the handheld version like we have with the console's. Looking at the screenshots Jeux-France posted earlier today for MySims DS, we're a little worried about where EA plans to take the game.

We understand that MySims will have to be pared down for its portable adaptation, but the limited character customization options on the DS seem bare-bones compared to what we've seen on the Wii. Also, the media released for the Wii's MySims features the cartoonish characters in a range of activities -- hosting parties, playing in fountains, and eating spaghetti dinners at the neighborhood restaurant. These DS screenshots show the Sims strolling through empty streets and exploring lonesome piers. How depressing!

We're hoping that EA won't wait too long to reveal screenshots of MySims DS that better resemble the Wii version's cheerful attitude. As it stands now, the handheld game looks like it has more in common with REM's music video for Everybody Hurts. Jump past the post break for a preview of the bleak neighborhood.

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Theme Park DS shows us the attractions

A new trailer for the upcoming Theme Park DS has hit the internet, no doubt dizzy and on the verge of blowing chunks from its digital ride on the Tilt-A-Whirl. Now that it's had some time to collect itself, we're glad to present it to you. In said trailer, which is available past the post break, some of the game's different structures, such as ice cream stands and bouncy castles, are demonstrated.

See also:

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My Sims coming to US

My Sims, EA's designed-for-Japan take on their amazingly popular franchise, is coming to the US, and bringing its strangely Servbot-esque characters along! We actually weren't sure we'd see this one, since it was made expressly for Japanese audiences.

They've set up a web page for the localized release, with an English trailer and screenshots. Strangely, the website doesn't seem to distinguish between the Wii and DS versions at all, and between the simple art style and EA's too-perfect screenshots, we can't tell which one we're looking at, if not both. Therefore, we decree that the game either looks fantastic on DS or not that great on Wii!

We're ... kind of looking forward to The Sims again! What a nostalgic feeling. We'll try to remember this feeling in a couple of months when we're rolling our eyes at My Sims Pets Go to College Expansion 2: New Dorm Furniture for Rock Stars!!!

[Via Joystiq]

DS Daily: How about EA?

It's no secret we're ten sorts of excited about the coming of Sim City DS, but despite the unabashed fun of city building, we know a whole lot of folks who aren't terribly excited about EA pledging to increase development for Nintendo. It's a tradeoff, it seems -- we want games like Spore and Sim City, but everyone loves to hate EA. Does it balance? Is it worth slogging through a bevy of less beloved EA games to get the gems that crop up? How do you feel about EA and Nintendo setting up as best good friends?

A new look at Sim City

With this new barrage of Sim City DS images comes a nifty piece of information -- players will be able to trade certain city elements over WiFi. That does add an interesting spin to portable city building, and we can't wait to hear more about it. In the meantime, however, screens! Check 'em out after the jump, and maybe compare and contrast to some of the others we've posted.

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Sim City DS screens and info

Famitsu's packed with new goodies from Sim City DS that have us yearning for the game. And who can resist tiny Sim Santa and his cute little reindeer?

The new stuff looks to largely concern Save the City mode, which thrusts the player into a real city and offers them challenges to solve, from earthquakes to snarled traffic and hey, even UFOs. Also -- and our loose translation may be incorrect -- it looks as though fires in your city can be handled by blowing into the microphone. But lots of fire stations can help prevent fires, so build carefully to avoid puffing away into the mic.

Check out the screens after the jump!

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EA announces Theme Park DS

If building and managing cities isn't your bag, how's a theme park sound? Electronic Arts announced, according to GameFront, that they'll be releasing another port of one of their popular games, Theme Park, for the DS. There are very few details thus far on Theme Park DS, though there's word of a tentative Japanese release date in March. Some German sources are listing a similar date for Europe, but there's no word yet on any other region. As soon as we hear anything else, we'll let you know. Whether you love or hate EA (there seems to be no middle ground on that subject), it's nice to see that they're dedicating resources to the DS, since the building games seem so well suited to the stylus.

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