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Metareview: Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Square Enix has been big on the strategy games this year, and Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings is the latest to get the treatment. Taking the spin-off of an RPG in a tactical direction might have been seen as a risk for anyone else, but this isn't just any company -- when they do something, they tend to do it well, and if the scores are any indication, Revenant Wings is just the latest of their greats.

1UP -- 80%: It's an RPG. It's strategy. It's something entirely new that is like both of these things, yet not, and the result is a little lightweight. "Lightweight doesn't mean worthless, though. Thanks to some tough (but never unreasonably frustrating) battles, a healthy dose of fan service, and a quality localization, Revenant Wings is a thoroughly enjoyable hybrid. It's hardly the second coming of Final Fantasy XII ... but somehow manages to turn that into a strength anyway."

GameZone -- 85%: Risky, but successful. " ... the gamble has ultimately paid off, as the game is a great direction for the series, and fits well on the Nintendo DS. While the controls themselves are a little hard to get used to, the game is a deep and complex handheld game that will keep Final Fantasy fanatics entertained for a long while."

GameBrink -- 94%: They checked out the Japanese import, and found a solid, beautiful game. "On the graphics side of things, Square Enix has once again shown what beautiful graphics the DS is capable of with some very beautifully rendered 3D backgrounds from the lush green forests to the bright red heated volcanic caverns. The fun thing is you even get to customise your airship base a little by placing monuments!"

FFXII: Revenant Wings gets PAL release window

All of our European readers who've been sitting on their hands, anxiously awaiting a release date for Square Enix's Final Fantasy XII spin-off title for the DS, Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, can now breathe a sigh of relief. Releasing to the territory in early 2008, no longer do gamers residing in the PAL region even have to wonder if they're getting the title. And, while we'd like to provide an exact date when you can expect to be able to pick the game up, sadly this is all Square Enix has given us to go on.

Friday Video: Revenant Wings soars out of E3

Screenshot offerings were slim on the Revenant Wings front when it came to E3 media, but this trailer makes up for it, despite the lower quality. Obviously, we're Final Fantasy fans -- could you tell from the flood of FF-themed posts that occasionally inundates the site? -- but this game, along with Ring of Fates, is looking pretty good, even when we try not to be biased.

Hey, speaking of, where was Ring of Fates? We could use some new media on that as well ....

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E307: FFXII: Revenant Wings screens

We love Final Fantasy and we're sure you do too. And, like us, we're sure you are of the mind that Revenant Wings is shaping up to be better than we could've ever hoped for. So, supplement your lust and dark desire for this game with some more screenshots in the gallery below, fresh from E3.

Square Enix release dates: RoF due next spring?!

Square Enix spent the morning revealing its lineup of "fresh new faces and timeless classics" that the company plans to exhibit this week at E3, attaching US release dates to its upcoming titles:
We're jumping on our beds with glee over the fact that we'll be receiving Front Mission so early after the localization was announced, but several disappointing details failed to escape our attention -- Final Fantasy Tactics A2: The Sealed Grimoire, It's a Wonderful World, FFIV DS, and Dragon Quest IX's absence; and Ring of Fates' distant date. The multiplayer ARPG and its DS Lite bundle are scheduled to hit Japan this August 23rd.

[Via NeoGAF]

DS Daily: Two limited editions enter ...

Ring of Fates vs. Revenant Wings. There can be only one!

Oh, we can talk about the games, too. If you want.

Revenant Wings and DQM: Joker get tentative NA dates

If you've been dying to know when Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings would be soaring onto your DS, then take heart: we at least have a release window now. The game is scheduled to make its way to North American gamers this winter. Considering it was just released in Japan, the wait isn't terribly long. Plenty of time to run through Final Fantasy XII again, if you're so inclined! It's been a much longer wait for Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker, which is also slated for later this year, though the game was released last December in Japan. Square Enix wants all our money this holiday season, and with games like these, they just might get it.

[Via press release]

Freebies galore at the Square Enix party

Attendees at the Square Enix party 2007 will be able to pick up a ton of fantastic gear, including the pictured clock. The 'Ivalice Alliance' inscription is taken from the Final Fantasy universe. Other things up for grabs include Final Fantasy XI treasure coins, Dragon Quest pin badges, coaster sets and manga. The party takes place this weekend in Chiba, Japan.

All this swag doesn't come for nothing -- you're expected to earn your game memorablia. The requirements aren't too onerous though; most of them involve collecting stamps from the various game stands present at the party.

You could just wait for this stuff to find its way onto your online auction site of choice in the not-too-distant future.

Revenant Wings 2: Revenant Harder may be coming

We doubt that's going to be the real title, but we never could avoid sequel humor. Apparently, director Motomu Toriyama enjoyed making Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings so much that he'd like to develop a sequel.

This is by no means a confirmation or an announcement or any of the other things it'll be labeled on message boards. It's just a casual statement. But a Revenant Wings sequel seems likely, since the sales have been pretty good, and, most importantly, we're talking about Square Enix, who has kind of a thing for sequels.

First day sales data shows Revenant Wings selling 180K in Japan

Reports in Japan show Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, the DS spin-off of Square Enix's PS2 title Final Fantasy XII, selling 180,000 copies of its initial shipment of 450,000. In case you were wondering whether or not this news is impressive, rest assured it definitely is.

And we're sure those lucky folk who were able to get out to the local store and wait in line for hours so that they could procure a copy are probably loving the game so far, deeply immersed in their title.

Lucky jerks ...

[Via QJ]

DS releases for the week of April 23rd

As you may have heard, there's some serious Pokémon action this week, and the sheer magnitude of that spotlight has somewhat dwarfed everything else -- but fear not, there are other games for those who aren't Poké-fans. Note that we're not promising they're good ... we're just saying that they are, in fact, games. We're curious how SNK vs. Capcom Card Fighters turns out, definitely, since we've heard mixed reports.
  • Classic Action: Devilish
  • Pokemon Diamond
  • Pokemon Pearl
  • SNK vs. Capcom Card Fighters DS
Check after the jump to see what's out this week in the rest of the world. Japanese-speaking importers, take note: there is some serious hotness releasing in Japan this week, along with 367 other games.

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Featured Friday Video: Revenant Wings trailer 7

Another week means we shine the spotlight down onto another video. This week, it's the seventh (!) trailer for the highly-anticipated Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. In this latest trailer, we're shown:
  • several different environments
  • airship navigating the game world
  • lots of dialogue
  • a CG cutscene
  • spell casting and some light battle segments
Basically, the trailer presents the entire Final Fantasy experience. The trailer is playing on the main page (follow the "Read" link) and should you wish to brush up on any of the older trailers, head on into the site and check out the downloads section.

FFXII gets the preview treatment

Over at 1UP, they got their hands on a few Japanese magazines containing info on the highly-anticipated (by us, anyway) Final Fantasy XII spin-off title Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. In checking out their preview, we noticed that there is a lot of new information on the game. As such, we're doing the gentlemanly thing and presenting it to you, fine reader, in the most entertaining way possible: with our minds. Why yes, dear reader, in fact right now you are staring at a blank computer screen, it is us who have projected the image of this website into your mind and, might we say, it's awfully cold and vacant up here.

Jokes about your intelligence aside, some of the newly-acquired facts on the title include:
  • The game will feature over 50 different summons, with each varying in rank (three total ranks)
  • The third rank summon may only be used once in each map
  • A section of the airship will be used to house in-game achievements, taking the form of monuments
  • The Salamander summon has been changed from a lizard to a wild boar
[Thanks, Ibrahim!]

New Revenant Wings trailer available

For those of you who've been itching for this game, you'll be happy to know that the Japanese website for Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings has uploaded a new trailer. This trailer focuses on showing us some more dialogue and battle segments, but mainly just dialogue. For those who are interested in seeing more of tha, then head on over and check the trailer out.

The Revenant Wings videos just keep coming

Have we not shown enough enthusiasm for Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings? Does Square Enix think that we're not writhing with anticipation over this game? We thought it was pretty clear that we'll be there on day one with our faces pressed to the door, but apparently someone thinks that we still need to be lured in with a bevy of gorgeous videos. Maybe we should play hard to get more often.

Jeux France has the latest embedded on their site, as well as some new screens. Go check it out, because every day is a good day for a little Final Fantasy.

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