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Nippon Ichi duo dated for North America

We learned of Disgaea's delay in the States earlier this month, but for those of you who demand greater specificity in your release dates, Nippon Ichi's most recent financial statement has exact dates in the US and A for both its popular SRPG and reference-dropping puzzler, Puchi Puchi Virus.

Apparently, Disgaea will be sending us crazy with its complexity on September 23rd, while the latter will be in U.S. stores from July 22nd. That's really soon and sudden, especially considering how many delays Puchi Puchi has suffered! The question is: did you remember to pick up your free Anti-Virus Stress Reliever?

Gallery: Disgaea

Puchi Puchi Prinny Prinny preorder preorder

NIS America's online storefront, Rosenqueen, is promising a goofy preorder bonus for anyone who reserves Puchi Puchi Virus, Nippon Ichi's budget puzzler. Customers who pay the $19.99 in advance will receive a squishy, pill-shaped Anti-Virus Stress Reliever, much like the image on the right, except branded with everyone's favorite Disgaea mascots, Prinnies.

As far as we know, the actual game doesn't feature any Prinnies, so it seems as if Rosenqueen is looking to move more Puchi Puchi Virus units by attracting Disgaea fans who have to own every piece of the series' merchandise. Then again, we wouldn't put it past Nippon Ichi to pack one of its games with cameos from the developer's other franchises.

Rosenqueen plans to only have a thousand of these two-tone capsules, so make sure to preorder soon! Hopefully they made sure not to line up any of the colored halves while packing these, lest they accidentally clear out their entire stock.

Gallery: Puchi Puchi Virus

[Via CAG]

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DS Daily: Calm before the storm

Okay, folks, the next few months are going to be absolutely, 100% crazy hard on our wallets. With some very awesome looking titles coming around the bend in May and beyond, we were wondering how you were preparing yourself? Super Dodgeball Brawlers hits this month, which will be an absolute must-buy for everyone, as well as some other quality titles (Drone Tactics, Puchi Puchi Virus). Still, it's nothing compared with how difficult June will be for our bank account.

What're you most looking forward to in the coming months? The summer is going to be great for DS gamers, so what are you waiting on and how excited are you for it?

NIS offers contest to win a game and viral candy

While that may sound disgusting, it's not. In fact, we find this Puchi Puchi Virus candy to be almost as appetizing as the budget priced game due out this summer. Now, though, there's a chance for you to get your hands on both the delicious snack and the game it's themed after.

In order to promote their upcoming game, NIS is having two contests, in which the prize is a Puchi Puchi Anti-Virus kit. The kit include anti-virus pills (aka candy), information about Puchi Puchi Virus, and the game itself. The deadline for both contests is May 20th. For one, you must draw your own version of an infected person, name it, and send in the artwork. For the other, you must come up with your own "wacky" virus, name it, and write about what it does.

If you're interested in entering, just click the "read" link below for more information.

Gallery: Puchi Puchi Virus

[Via GamerTell]

A class in Puchi Puchi Virology

We've been interested in Puchi Puchi Virus for about a year because of its art, but throughout that whole year we've failed to learn one important piece of information about the game: how to play the game. It's something with, like, triangles and stuff, right?

GamesRadar has posted a preview of the game that covers, in detail, this vital aspect of the game (the entire game). Basically, you tap three same-colored virii to create a triangle around them. Clicking any of the corners of this triangle causes it, and any virii inside the triangle, to disappear. If a virus stays onscreen too long, it turns to stone and can't be used to form a triangle.

It's nice to know that there's an interesting puzzle game to go along with the silly pop-culture references.

Puchi Puchi Virus infected with Naruto references

It wasn't enough to play off of the fossilized Chuck Norris meme. NIS America's localization team decided to go pop-culture shopping for the names of the 101 monsters found in Puchi Puchi Virus. Thus, we have "Narucrow" and his rival "Sasukerrot."

Spencer at Siliconera identified some more adorable parody names in his playtime, including "Cattie Fisher" (who "was a princess in a galaxy far, far away. Now lives on raw fish") and the mind-bendingly puntastic "Bull Loosely." You unlock character cards for these things after "curing them" with successfully completed puzzles.

Even if they're silly (in fact, especially because they're silly, we appreciate overt outside references like these.

Our fate is in the hands of ... Cluck Norris?

And yes, we mean Cluck and not Chuck. (An easy way to tell the difference between them is Cluck's sweet Fu Manchu moustache.)

Puchi Puchi Virus, which is set for a May release, is a quirky puzzle game that we were surprised to see localized. We've already deduced that it's one of the five games NIS was referring to earlier, but we didn't expect to see a video so quickly.

This "trailer" doesn't really show us what to expect from the game -- only that it's going to be ridiculous. Whether you find yourself looking forward to it or not probably depends on how much silly you like on your DS.

Fortunately, for many of us at DS Fanboy, that quota is hardly ever met.

NIS targets casual audience with obscure puzzle game

We remarked on Puchi Puchi Virus's vivid 2D art when we saw the first screens in March, but we never thought we'd saw the game again. It was just another low-profile Japanese puzzle game. But Nippon Ichi has surprised us by announcing that they're localizing Puchi Puchi Virus for a U.S. release in February. The press release mentions a website, but that site has yet to go up.

Since NIS's usual fare has very little casual appeal (and by 'casual' we mean 'people who have less than 15 hours a day to spend playing games), they have decided to bring out a nice, light puzzle game as their first DS release. Of course, they're still being true to themselves-- it's just about the most random Japanese game they could find.

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