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Cats, penguins, and rhinos in Animal Boxing, oh my! [update]

Want to beat up on animals, but PETA's been getting on your case? We don't know about you, but we've been dying to punch a penguin in the face. (Sorry for the tasteless jokes -- feel better in knowing that we hate ourselves for going there.) If you are heartless souls like us, though, don't worry; Animal Boxing has you covered, with fifty different characters to beat up on. We originally thought the game would involve animals fighting animals, but the latest screens indicate that the game also entails man (and woman) versus beast.

In case you haven't been keeping up with Animal Boxing details, it's worth mentioning again that the developer behind this endeavor is making the equally weird (and cool sounding) Zombie BBQ as well. There's also the crazy aspect of holding the DS upside-down so that the animal's torso and face cover the touchscreen, which warrants repeating.

Yet those of you who have been keeping up might notice some improvement in the screens when compared to the ones below. We didn't add them to our gallery because they're on the smallish side, but they're still worth a look anyway. Just click on the "Source" link below or the picture above to get a better taste of what's to come later this year.

Update: Fresh screens were released today, so check back in with the gallery for twenty new shots of those cute, violent animals!

Gallery: Animal Boxing

Inazuma Eleven on TV tells you to buy, buy, buy!

It's true -- Inazuma Eleven looks great, and each piece of media has been drooled upon by RPG, anime and even general soccer fans alike. With the imminent Japanese release on August 22nd, Level-5 has begun advertising on television, and this commercial is a perfect place for gamers in the dark about Inazuma to take a first look and become ultra-interested.

Inazuma Eleven is incredibly original, featuring real-time strategy gameplay on the field, as players draw on the touch screen to direct positions of team members. Hopefully the gameplay is easy enough to understand for keen importers, because the chances of localization are not that great. Well, anything less than 100 percent won't be good enough!

Stars Catalogue now offering GBA titles [Update 1]

Two Game Boy Advance games have randomly appeared in the Stars Catalogue, leading us to surmise that Nintendo has been spring-cleaning its warehouses and found a bunch of old, unsold stock. Kirby & The Amazing Mirror and Mario Power Tennis are both decent purchases, we suppose, even if the price (5000 Stars each) is steep (you'd need to buy at least 20 DS games to amass that many Stars). We're still waiting on the warehouse with all the sealed Super Famicom consoles to get cleared out (it must exist somewhere).

Some other new tat has also been added, including a Pokémon sports bag, and three further items that have (inexplicably) sold out: a Raving Rabbids T-shirt, a Pokémon Mystery Dungeon bookmark, and a Brain Training pen. Don't all rush at once, please.

[Update 1: And the Kirbster has sold out!]

505 Games flicking Subbuteo our way

Any football soccer-loving Brit of a certain age will fondly recall Subbuteo, and it's presumably those consumers that 505 Games is targeting with a new DS version of the game. For the uninitiated, a quick history lesson: Subbuteo was a miniature soccer board game, played by taking turns to flick small figures on hemispherical bases at an oversized ball, the aim being to get the ball in your opponent's net. Games usually lasted until your dog chewed the little men, or until Dad came in drunk again and stepped on them.

Anyway, it reached the height of its popularity in the '70s and '80s, before decent soccer videogames (hi, Sensible Soccer) showed up and caught the chil'n's attention. The original Subbuteo is still played today (there's even an annual world championship), but is far less well-known, which is probably why 505 Games is making a DS game about it. It's out this September (though probably only in Europe), and will feature fully customizable tournaments, traditional leagues, and even a full online multiplayer. Wooo!

Gallery: Subbuteo

[Via press release]

Golf training tees off in Japan this October

Golf is big in Japan. Training games are big in Japan. Hence, somebody at GungHo Works finally did the math and worked out that a golf training game would be huge in Japan. This is the result: Golf Cut 100 DS, a training title focused entirely on improving your ability to accurately hit tiny balls with long sticks, and teaching you the difference between plus fours and putters in the process.

Developed in conjunction with monthly golf magazine Golf Digest and out this October, Golf Cut 100 offers quizzes, lessons on course etiquette, and advice on 100 golfing techniques. Given some of the other stuff Japan has already been trained in, a golf trainer seems pretty normal to us at this stage. Drive your golf cart past the break for more shots.

Continue reading Golf training tees off in Japan this October

Imagine Figure Skater could be good, might not be

This could really, totally be a good game. Last time we checked, figure skating is a sport accompanied by music. It requires rhythmic motions and impeccable timing. All of these features are perfect for adapting to the touch screen on the DS. Tracing skating lines, tapping at the appropriate times, using smooth stylus skills -- yep, sounds like a winner.

Imagine Figure Skater is marketed towards young girls, what with the absence of any male characters and the emphasis on hair and accessory customization. Sure, some of us might not have considered playing a figure skating game in any form, but we probably said the same thing about lawyers. In any case, the first screenies are in the gallery to start you down the long, complex road of "Should I buy this game when it comes out in August?" The answer is ...

Gallery: Imagine Figure Skating

[Via press release]

Konami uses comedians to advertise New International Track & Field

We can't really understand Konami's marketing decision for New International Track & Field here. Usually, when it comes to advertising sports, sporting apparel or, heck, sports video games, we're used to seeing athletes in the advertisements. But, then again, we don't live in Japan.

There, Konami has enlisted the aid of celebrity comedians Coolpoko to advertise the title through a special site that is set to launch soon. If you're wondering where you saw the guy on the right before, it was probably in an episode of Entourage.

We've included one of their videos past the break, to give you a taste of their comedic stylings.

Continue reading Konami uses comedians to advertise New International Track & Field

More Top Spin 3 screens, tennis fans clap politely

Thwock goes the tennis ball, and the crowd goes wild! Tennis fans should be automatically impressed with the graphical quality displayed in Top Spin 3 for the DS, if only because some pour souls actually tried their hand at Tennis Masters.

Five new screens are ready for action in the gallery, and they certainly hold true to our original positive impression. Here's a tip - open the gallery, put a hat and sunglasses on, then pay some chump five bucks to hold up your monitor while running back in forth in front of you. It's just like being there! The upside of buying Top Spin 3 when it comes out? You'll have no more money left to waste on paying people to do stupid things.

Gallery: Top Spin 3

[Via press release]

The track and field is a bit more crowded now

Besides sprinkling in some of its most notable characters, Konami is also employing another key strategy to ensure that New International Track & Field is a success: online multiplayer. That's right, folks, the title will support online multiplayer for up to four players!

Along with online leaderboards, the inclusion of online multiplayer means that the game will not only be a viable option for Game Night, but also allow you to settle that argument about who's the better swimmer, Pyramid Head or Solid Snake, you had with your friend halfway across the world.

Oh, and Pyramid Head would totally win. His head is practically a boat.

Hanshin Tigers DS probably not coming to a store near you

If there was ever a game destined to really nail a niche market in North America, it's this game. Japanese-speaking Hanshin Tigers fans, with a deep knowledge of the team's history and players, will be all over importing this bad boy. There's a new twist to this heartwarming story of an underdog title coming out to compete against the big evil team game -- it's not just trivia anymore.

Along with a new batch of screens, we've discovered the inclusion of mini-games, good for letting your hair down after all that baseball question-answering work. You'll be hitting them out of the park in Home Run Contest, doing something else (we have no idea, sorry) in Lucky 7, and also enjoying a bit of karaoke ... somehow. Baseball is one popular sport, and importing Hanshin Tigers DS when it releases on August 28 will make you one popular gamer.

Gallery: Hanshin Tigers DS

Metareview: Super Dodgeball Brawlers

With Super Dodgeball Brawlers releasing late last week, we've finally got enough reviews in that we felt comfortable putting up a Metareview for the game. Also, you all have likely had enough time with it to form your own opinions. So, without further ado, let's get to it:

  • Play Magazine (85/100) grades it as good, but thinks the characters are a bit too slow: "This is damn near as good a version of Dodgeball as I could ask for...if only overall character speed could be tweaked." [May 2008, p.66]
  • Nintendo Power (65/100) says "Dodgeball fans won't be disappointed with Brawlers, but if you've been waiting for something new to bring you back on the court, the wait continues." [June 2008, p.89]
  • 1UP (58/100) thinks that it's not as good as the first game: "It's certainly entertaining enough, and it offers plenty of detail for dedicated gamers to sink their teeth into. But will fans still be playing it two decades from now? Probably not. It's an acceptable rendition of a time-tested classic -- a little too complex to stand beside its classic inspiration, a little too primitive to stand up to contemporary releases, but still decent."
Any of you with the game want to chime in? Is it as good as the original NES title?

With our Metareview feature, we comb the internet for reviews on popular games and conveniently place them into one post. But, we also like to review things ourselves, when time permits. So, be sure to check those out!

Joystiq hikes the handheld pigskin in Tecmo Bowl Kickoff

Joystiq managed to get their dirty hands on Tecmo Bowl Kickoff, and really enjoyed the redux of the old classic. According to our evil incredibly smart and good-looking overlords, the game both looked and played well on the DS -- what more can you ask for?

When it comes to the controls, players have the option between using the D-pad/buttons or the stylus. Joystiq thought that the D-pad option was the better scheme, and was intuitive enough to make the game accessible to all gamers, not just those who've spent hours upon hours training with Madden. They also really enjoyed the addition of super moves, even though this new feature isn't an extravagant change to the gameplay. The point is, though, that Tecmo football didn't need a big overhaul.

Their one major concern, though, was the WFC play. Not the fact that it exists, clearly. Yet, Tecmo Bowl Kickoff's customization scheme might be a little too deep for its own good, thereby ruining online play. You see, Tecmo cleverly worked around EA's NFL monopoly by adding tons of customization options (as seen in the video above). Player names and stats can be changed, among other things. In terms of multiplayer battles, however, we can foresee many gamers abusing such statistics in order to create an advantage over their opponents.

Hopefully that won't be too much of an issue. In any case, pop on past the break to see some gameplay videos, or go here to read the unabridged impressions from Joystiq.

Gallery: Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff

Continue reading Joystiq hikes the handheld pigskin in Tecmo Bowl Kickoff

Deca Sports possibly multiplied by two screens

In an interview with Cubed3, Hudson's Mike Pepe floated the possibility of a future DS version of their sports minigame collection, Deca Sports. It's far from OMG CONFIRMED, but Pepe remarked that Hudson is "exploring other platforms. The DS being one of them."

He followed with a disclaimer that, to us, sounds more like support, saying that the controls were central to the Deca Sports experience. Which system has the control scheme best suited to translation from Wii games? The DS is the only one we know that also involves waving a stick around to control things.

If Hudson decides to port or remake Deca Sports, the DS seems like a natural choice. It's already got a built-in "DS" name!

Kick off the morning with Tecmo Bowl screens

We've known plenty about Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff since it was announced, but we had to take some guy's word about how the game would look. No more! At last, you can feast your eyes on the 2D gridiron action, and it looks like it was worth the wait. We like the simplistic action on the bottom screen, and the rest? Frankly, these look a lot better than most DS screens, which are great in motion, but sometimes less than good in stills. For the rest, muscle your way into the gallery and see for yourself.

Gallery: Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff

Take me out to the panda-suit-wearing cat ballgame

We were already a bit weirded out by the announcement of Hello Kitty being named Japan's "Tourism Ambassador" to China and Hong Kong, despite not existing. But now, seemingly in celebration of the mouthless cartoon cat's new increased visibility in China (or just as a result of weirdly fortuitous timing), she'll "honor" one of China's most beloved national symbols in a series of athletic competitions.

Either that or Sanrio and publisher Dorasu just thought that putting Hello Kitty in a panda suit for a whole game would be cute. Which it is. Hello Kitty Panda Sports Stadium features 12 sporting minigames starring cats clad in panda suits, but only judo and baseball have been revealed in screens. But, really, any sport would be made better with the addition of Hello Kitty's blank stare peeking out of the cushy maw of a plush panda head.

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