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Joystiq presents

Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! Rumored! For! US! Release!

Siliconera, like many other sites (including this one, now) is taking note of a particularly juicy rumor currently scurrying about in the air vents of the internet. It states that Nintendo has picked up the ridiculously frantic and exuberant music-and-rhythm game, Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! for a North American release. For the uninformed and importing depraved, it depicts the adventures of a motley group of cheerleaders parading about and encouraging people to succeed as they go about performing mundane tasks in their lives. Naturally, the game's concept and original name has passed through the butchering translation machine to produce Elite Agent Force.

That doesn't sound generic at all.

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1. The Japanese are a strange people.

Posted at 2:57PM on May 8th 2006 by Loban

2. Best DS title to date. Of course part of the charm to the game is the song list... I wonder what tunes they'll use for the US market.

Not sure how "mundane" some of these tasks are, considering you literally have to save the planet from destruction. I guess that's mundane in gaming convention?

Posted at 3:34PM on May 8th 2006 by Jimmijam

3. Bleh, it will probably have American songs...If so, I won't buy it.

Posted at 3:45PM on May 8th 2006 by Josh

4. The game's name, translated into English, is:
Push! Fight! Cheer squad
It is very importable, and very fun.
I don't see it being sold in the English speaking world, its quite a Japanese game, i.e. the manga stylings of the story, some Japanese-based jokes, songs are Japanese songs.

Posted at 6:21AM on May 9th 2006 by Iain D

5. What the hell is going on in that first panel?

Posted at 11:29AM on May 9th 2006 by MC Hampster

6. The guy is helping his brother do pushups.

Best DS game ever. Period

Posted at 3:18PM on May 9th 2006 by Ryan

7. Elite Agent Force isn't a english version of Ouendan it's a comptely new game with a whole different story, characters, and songs.

It has the same gameplay and graphic style. has screenshots and a description of it.

I figured they may not have been able to translate the songs and have the song be any good. It's a commong problem in Animes so they often leave the song intact, just subtitle it. So they made a whole new game for the American market to make up for that fact. Maybe this one will be a hot American import for the Japanese DS Market.

Also Ouendan wouldn't have made a lot of sense to most Americans. School uniforms, male cheerleaders, tons of other cool Japanese culture in a game.

Posted at 11:26PM on May 9th 2006 by idioteraser

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