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Metareview (the web) - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice For All

Now that we've seen what the magazines have to say, it's high time we checked in with the various sites of the world wide webtron. With mostly favorable reviews of the title (natch), we're glad we do not have to enter the tubes ourselves and personally kill any online entities responsible for bad-mouthing our favorite Ace Attorney.

At the time of this post, we don't have all of the online reviews yet (1UP and IGN), but once they've posted them, we'll come back and update this post.

  • Gamespot (77/100) says it's more of the same and doesn't innovate: "Justice for All is a good, lengthy adventure with great character-driven storylines, but it fails to build upon the promising groundwork laid by the first game."
  • Games Radar (80/100) is quick to call it a great follow-up to the previous game: "The charm and clever logic puzzles are still here, and the cases deliver the same charge-back-from-the-edge-of-defeat rush that made the first game so cool. Whether you're a fan of the original or a newcomer to Wright's bizarre legal world, you won't be disappointed."

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Reader Comments

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1. I'm surprised anyone at DS Fanboy is even around manning the posts! I imagined a complete lack of content for as long as it would take for y'all to buy Justice for All and play the crap out of it ;)

It's interesting what the reviewers are saying, but it's certainly not putting me off. If the game gives the same quality stories/twists as the original, I'll be more than happy.

*still waiting for it to ship to her local EB*

Posted at 4:24PM on Jan 17th 2007 by Hannah

2. I wouldn't worry about it too much Hannah. Pheonix Wright 2, like Lumines 2 and Guitar Hero 2, is just more of the same thing. Which isn't a bad thing for us, because we get more of the greatness we enjoy, but usually bad for reviews since "they see nothing innovative"

Posted at 6:02PM on Jan 17th 2007 by Aex

3. We have to be here, Hannah, or they beat us. But we're all secretly playing PW with our left hands and typing only with the right. It's tricky, but you can really learn to use the stylus in your teeth.

I'm kidding.

...or am I?

Posted at 6:08PM on Jan 17th 2007 by Alisha Karabinus

4. I'm wondering why i even bother pre-ordering from EB/GameStop... I get the phone call that says come in for your copy of Phoenix Wright... so I show up and guess what? The shipment didnt come in and they aren't sure if it will even make it in today... WTF?! a bad day just got worse!

Posted at 6:21PM on Jan 17th 2007 by shawn

5. shawn, my case wasn't nearly as bad as yours. But I reserved two copies of the game at my local GameStop on the 15th. One was for myself, and one was for my sister. Of course, because I preordered two copies of the game, I was under the impression I would get two of the bonus styli when I picked the games up when GameStop got them in stock.

Well, when I went to pick them up today, they only had one stylus left! In fact, they had only gotten six total! I guess I can't blame GameStop, though, since they can probably only get as many as Capcom will send them, but maybe GameStop just misreported the numbers to Capcom, too.

Either way, I emailed Capcom about the problem tonight, and hopefully they can come through and send me the second bonus stylus I was supposed to receive.

I have to say, though, the stylus and the rest of the little bonus package is pretty cool, if not only for the novelty of it. The game, however, oh yes...PHOENIX WRIGHT IS BACK!!11

Posted at 9:45PM on Jan 17th 2007 by Josh

6. Having already played through the game (I'm a PW nut and already imported it, though I'm going to buy the US release too - I have it on pre-order), my impressions are that PW2 is just as good as the first game, but a couple situations in Case 3 prevent me from calling it better than the original. At best, it matches it, but it does not exceed it.

The final case, though, is probably the best one yet.

Posted at 11:19PM on Jan 17th 2007 by wildweasel

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