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DS Daily: For sale

These two redone handhelds -- a Phat and a Lite -- popped up on eBay, courtesy of seller rebelforever33, and since we post the occasional auctioned-DS, we thought it might be a good time to ask: have you ever considered buying one of the gussied-up systems that turn up there? We've seen some incredible mods up for auction, but redoing a DS can be a delicate undertaking.

Sometimes, though, it just might be worth it.

Gallery: The best (and worst) handheld mods

Someone put a damn unicycling llama on their DSPretty much the best DS Lite mod everWhere once there was beauty, there now lives despairTwo Lites enter, one Lite leavesHalo DS a reality after all

DS Daily: Would you gut a NES to create this?

This isn't the first time we've featured a wooden gaming system. Instead of a SNES, this time modders have turned a NES into a portable system, encasing the screen and hardware in a nice wooden frame. And to prove this modder means business, the portable NES is shown playing none other than badass title Contra.

What we would like to know is if you tried anything like this before and was it successful? Did you turn your NES into something much better? Share your experience(s) with us!

[Via Engadget]

Hope for all of us too scared to mod our DS Lite

As folks who love the DS to be all kinds of different colors and modded in all manner of amazing ways, we often stare at our boring white DS Lite and wish we could punch it up with some color. But, alas, we are far too afraid that even an attempt at taking out the screws would result in the handheld's failure to work any longer. Seriously, you should have seen the spice rack we tried to make back in wood shop. The thing was fugly.

Yet, we have found hope through a flickr photostream. One soul, who describes this ambitious project as their "first time to paint such a demanding job," really managed to set the bar for first attempts. Just looking at this thing, we can hardly believe that this person has never taken apart and painted a DS before. It's quality.

Does this give you a yearning to try and paint your own DS? Still too scared to give it a go?

[Thanks, Jesus!]

Give your DS a little style for a couple of coins

Painting specialists ColorWare want to add some spice to your life by giving your DS a stylish new paint job, or by providing you with a brand-new custom unit.

The only thing that comes to mind, for us, is creating a DS themed after our favorite sports team and slapping a sticker on the top of the clamshell. And considering that we don't partake of the DS line-up of sports titles available, as we often favor the console variety, we can't really see that much appeal in giving the DS a splash of color.

But then we start thinking about what people with actual artistic ability could do with a professional paint job like this on their DS. True, most folks who mod their consoles and handhelds might prefer to do the painting themselves, as it all ties into the whole I made this part of it, but perhaps the time saved or price are the factors that could weigh heavily on someone's decision. Then again, we don't really know how much it would cost to paint something like a DS. Our skills lack.

Or maybe this can be a really expensive prank. Snatch a friend's DS, send it in and have them paint it puke green on top of puke green, that kind of thing? Actually, that might not be a bad way to get your own DS, because if our friend did that to us, we'd tell them to keep it.

[Via BGR]

Mario Farty DS

At first glance, Flickr user Punkfish-'s modded DS Phat is like a thousand other slightly underwhelming DIY mods. But then you catch wind (ho ho) of the upper half, and a double take is the only reasonable reaction. That's because Mario is ... farting! Breaking wind. Tooting. Passing gas. Cutting the cheese.

Needless to say, we are shocked and appalled (okay, and also amused). We hope Punkfish-'s sister, Rosa, appreciates her DS's new look!

Gallery: Punkfish-'s modded DS Phat

[Via GayGamer]

DS Phat mod pays homage to the N64

eBay user luckey92 knows what to do with an old DS Phat: mod it! The second part of auctioning it off online and donating 20% of the sale to Child's Play isn't something that we'd probably do ourselves, however. It's not that we're horrible people who don't care about good organizations that bring fun and hope to sick children all over, it's that we're horrible people who love the DS and would hold onto this sucker forever. We'd probably sit it next to our N64 and take pictures, then conduct a mock wedding between two N64s, with this DS being their offspring.

We'd then name them the Pac-Mans.

Strike gold with this new SHOCK! shell

If gold is your thing -- your luster of choice, you might say -- then NDS Central's latest addition to its SHOCK! series of replacement DS Lite cases is just what you need. Unlike the Phantom Hourglass edition DSes, these Magnum Gold shells reportedly contain real gold, having actually gone through the gold-plating process. The online shop plans to release its Magnum Golds early next year and is already accepting preorders for the cases for $59.90.

If you're going to spend that much cash modifying your DS to show off your rapper status, why not go all out and glue on some gaudy rhinestones? While you're at it, you should have the system engraved with big script letters: "Doing It Big." When people ask what exactly it is that you're "doing big," you can tell them that it's your bad taste.

Modder cuts SNES down to size

Until that fine day when hell freezes over we can play Virtual Console games on the DS, our solutions for portable SNES games are few (beyond any existing GBA versions, of couse). Barriers like that exist for modders to break, however, and that's exactly what one intrepid engineer did with an extra SNES he had lying around. It took a bit more than that, though; not only did he gut the elderly system, but he also incorporated a PSOne LCD ... oh, and a hand-crafted wooden case. Together? They form a semi-portable, mostly-handheld, mobile SNES you can carry around and show off. Head past the break to see it in action.

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DS Daily: Favorite Mod?

Many of you expressed your horror at this vandalized DS (because really, there's no other way to describe it). But, for every horrible "mod" like this one, there are ten good ones in its place. Which DS mod over the years has been your favorite? You can use this tag to refresh your memory, if need be. There are so many beauties out there, so if you feel you can't limit yourself to just one, let us know some honorable mentions as well.

Man attacks DS with ballpoint pen, horror ensues

Many of the modded DS consoles we've posted about in the past have really knocked our socks off. But they don't all turn out so peachy. Sporting a truly appalling sketch of Suigintou from the popular manga Rozen Maiden, this poor, defenseless handheld is at the other end of the spectrum. And by that, we mean almost dropping off the other end. Seriously, we're not even sure if this level of DS abuse is legal in some parts of the world.

In case you were wondering, it's the work of one "Gto46492004," and is currently up for auction over at Yahoo Japan (where, bafflingly, somebody has placed a high bid of ¥17,500, the equivalent of $160). Clearly, console modding comes to the guy about as easily as counting backwards comes to Tara Reid. Somebody really needs to share this information with him, before any more DSes are harmed.

[Via Canned Dogs]

Someone put a damn unicycling llama on their DS

So, is this what's hot on the streets nowadays? Is this what's really hood? We have to commend Acidmods forumer Rocky for having enough technical knowhow to mod his handheld so extensively -- regular readers will recognize his work from our previous posts spotlighting his LED wizardry. We also have to commend him for blowing our minds with this off-the-wall design.

We assume that the inspiration behind the unicycling llama came from Rocky's animated avatar on the Acidmods message board. Fellow forumer XionDS engraved the llama onto a transparent shell for him with a CNC cutter, immortalizing the balancing pack animal. You can see more photos of Rocky's DS Lite and images of XionDS's similarly-etched system past the post break.

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Pretty much the most badass DS Lite mod ever

Though THQ hasn't made an official announcement for this customized Nintendo DS Lite, considering that the publisher has a giveaway in progress for six similar modded PlayStation Portables to promote Warhammer 40K: Squad Command's release on the PSP, we'll probably hear more about a contest for this dual-screened version once the game comes to the DS this December 13th.

Like with the PSPs, only six of these special edition systems have been made. The two-tone handheld, dressed in black and Ultramarine blue, resembles Nintendo's red-and-black DS and several other mods we've featured before, but sets itself apart with the ornate winged skull on its lid. Even if you're not a fan of Warhammer 40K or its upcoming online-enabled, turn-based strategy game for the DS, you could always replace the skull with a big "S" and pretend it's a spread-shot power-up from Contra!

Check past the post break for larger photos of the Warhammer 40K DS Lite and PSP mods.

See also: Phat mod: glowing skull

Continue reading Pretty much the most badass DS Lite mod ever

Kotomi offers up mushroom mod

It's been a while since we've seen anything from one of our favorite modders, the French Kotomi, but there's been a re-emergence ... along with a chance to get your hands on one of the spectacular original mods. And by original, we mean original, as in early in his DS-modding career. Don't expect it to be cheap, though -- this 1UP mushroom mod is going for €150, which translates to about $217 in U.S. terms. For that kind of money, we're not sure we want to do more than just admire it from afar.

Bling-tastic Game Boy makes us weak in the knees (and wrists)

Holy excess, Batman! Featuring a level of bling that would make Snoop Dogg wince, this one-off, solid 18 karat gold Game Boy comes with a diamond-encrusted screen border, diamond set on/off buttons, and weighs more than twice as much (27 ounces) as the original version (11.2 ounces). It was commissioned by Aspreys of London, and is now on sale over at Swiss Supply Direct Inc., which describes the portable as "an unbelievable conversation piece." Well, quite.

Although you may balk at its $29,500 price tag, you do get gold-tinged copies of Super Mario Land, Golf and Monopoly for your outlay, mainly because there's nothing worse than having no games to play on your new solid gold console come Christmas morning.

[Via Hawty McBloggy]

Zelda modders take on the Xbox 360

You know what the Xbox 360 is missing? The Legend of Zelda, that's what. No worries, though; it looks like one faceplate-maker is here to save the day with this custom job designed to spruce up any 360. Even the greatly-feared RROD has to look a little better when framed by this baby.

For our tastes, we'd prefer something with a little less bronze and a little more gold, but overall, this faceplate is pretty nice -- and as of press time, you can pick it up on eBay for a mere $19.99, plus shipping. That's not a bad deal if you feel a driving urge to take your fandom to other systems.

Also, whoever is making those shield crests has got to love the modding community -- they're everywhere!

[Via Hawty McBloggy]

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