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Joystiq presents

Japanese Hardware Sales: 15 Jan - 21 Jan: Voiceover edition

Do these even have anything to do with the sales numbers anymore? Ah well. There's some slight profanity at the end, FYI.

- DS Lite: 127,647 38,360 (42.96%)
- Wii: 86,395 7,313 (7.80%)
- PSP: 37,032 11,772 (24.12%)
- PS3: 21,105 4,426 (17.34%)
- PS2: 20,169 2,494 (11.00%)
- Xbox 360: 7,041 1,994 (22.07%)
- Game Boy Micro: 1,864 95 (4.85%)
- GBA SP: 1,498 49 (3.17%)
- Gamecube: 554 57 (9.33%)
- DS Phat: 123 82 (200.00%)
- GBA: 94 15 (18.99%)

[Source: Media Create]

Also see: Joystiq's Weekly Sales Charts

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1. first post!!1!1 Since I can never get first post status on Joystiq.

Posted at 1:17AM on Jan 27th 2007 by raycosm

2. @1: What are you? 12? "LOL I GOS FIRST POST!!!1" yeah? Well, you also made the first and probably ONLY retarded post in this entire comment section. Congratulations, you truely are special.

On topic; DS Lite once again kicking some ass, taking some names and doing it with style. Nearly out-selling the PSP by 100,000 makes me smile.

Posted at 9:29AM on Jan 27th 2007 by ssuk

3. "Nearly out-selling the PSP by 100,000 _makes me smile_."

No, you made the second most retarded post.

Posted at 11:06AM on Jan 27th 2007 by NoBullet

4. If you add the numbers of everything from the PSP down, you'll notice that number is still less than what the Wii sold.

Posted at 11:24AM on Jan 27th 2007 by dis_guy

5. Dis_guy, you're wrong. It's actually just a little more than the Wii.

Posted at 12:33AM on Jan 28th 2007 by Nathaniel T.

6. Dear Wishnov and all other DSFanboy/NintendoWiiFanboy contributors,

If you did not insist upon giving us sales figures every single week, I would not be bothered. There is no escaping that the subject matter is dull, and the lengths you feel you need to go to in order to dress up what is in essence lazy journalism, are unnecessary.

It might be nice to ask other regular readers of this and the other (insertconsolenamehere)fanboy sites think in this regard.

Posted at 4:37PM on Jan 28th 2007 by regmundio

7. isn't it just as easy not to read it if you are bored by it? they aren't trying to trick you with deceitful titles.

i for one like seeing the numbers. we can give all the opinions we want but in the end sales are what really matter.

Posted at 10:48AM on Jan 29th 2007 by jojonyc

8. You're absolutely right, jojonyc. I don't have to read the item if don't want to, nor do I have to read the other items on this site.
Considering that we're all fanboys here, (why would you be here if you weren't?) and we *all* know that the DS is ruling the sales chart, I feel that that chart should not be used to pad out a slow news week and it may be better used when it indicates an unusual change in sales figures - say for example, if Wii sales started to decline massively in favour of those of the PS3.

Its continued use week after week, means, to me, that the sales chart has lost its impact as a valuable news item.

/pedant mode off

Posted at 4:52AM on Jan 30th 2007 by regmundio

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