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DS Daily: The discovery of portability

So we were hanging out on the couch playing some Portrait of Ruin online-- you know, the usual situation. Then the phone rang, and without thinking, we got up from the couch, DS still in hand. Looking down at the system, we discovered that it still worked. Who knew? The DS, as it turns out, is a portable system, which means that it can be used anywhere.

We must test the abilities of this system to be played outside of the house! For you, dear readers, and, for SCIENCE! But we need to gather some data before we begin our grand experiment. Specifically, we would like to know what games to take with us. Try to imagine a situation where you are traveling while also playing video games. What kind of game would be best suited for this outrageous eventuality?

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1. One of my favorite GBA games is FFTA. Each action only requires a few selections and can be easily done with one hand.

Posted at 9:18AM on Apr 8th 2007 by hvnlysoldr

2. It depends on several things, however, playing Mario Kart on my school bus with two other people is a ton of fun.

Posted at 10:04AM on Apr 8th 2007 by Spencer

3. Clubhouse Games certainly.

-and here's a bonus tip if you weren't already aware:

Take a hinged plastic SD or similar flash memory card case and trim the inside parts down flat.

You now have a very effective individual NDS card case.

I only own a few games so far, so this works well for me until my little droid arrives.

Posted at 10:53AM on Apr 8th 2007 by strider_mt2k

4. FF3 definitely, it takes the tedium of lvling up and the mundane task of commuting, and rolls it into one neat little package.

Posted at 12:22PM on Apr 8th 2007 by mikeoftheages

5. I have a cartridge case that holds 3 games. So at anytime I have 5 games with me.
Lunar Knights
Portrait of Ruin
Elite Beat Agents
Mario Kart
and whatever GBA game I'm playing at the time.

Posted at 1:26PM on Apr 8th 2007 by Crazylink

6. Clubhouse for me, too. It's the game I always take with me when I'm on the go, though I usually bring a backup, too.

Posted at 1:42PM on Apr 8th 2007 by Alisha Karabinus

7. If any of you have old game boy games laying around, the plastic cases that they came in can hold at least 4 DS games, though it's a bit of a squeeze.

As for games to play on the go, New Super Mario Bros is good if you save some coin paths for when you need to save quickly, and the minigames are good time wasters too. Other games that are fun in quick bursts are Puzzle Quest, Brain Age, Clubhouse Games, or Tetris DS. These are the ones I choose when going on vacation (1 in DS, 4 in GB case) as I get motion sickness sometimes, and the ability to quickly quit when I get sick is great. Also good for playing in class when being able to quit quickly is key.

Posted at 2:08PM on Apr 8th 2007 by greatslack

8. I've been trying to limit myself to one portable game at a time, so I've been playing Hotel Dusk in small bursts every time I'm on the train and bus to work and back. I have unopened Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time AND Final Fantasy III to get into afterwards, but I'm not sure which to start first.

Posted at 5:22PM on Apr 8th 2007 by Rubang B

9. Go with Mario and Luigi Partners in time first its great!

Posted at 5:48PM on Apr 8th 2007 by Nicholas Moline

10. well if you mean on the go... EVERYTHING! (and by everything i mean mario kart, tetris/meteos and elite beat agents/ouendan n maybe few others...)

peace b*atch!

Posted at 8:25PM on Apr 8th 2007 by Luca.B

11. and the '42 all-time classics' of course! (aka clubhouse games??)

Posted at 8:48PM on Apr 8th 2007 by Luca.B

12. Although i agree with the playing in class part, i doubt they will be.

Posted at 9:35PM on Apr 8th 2007 by Spencer

13. If you got up from the couch to answer the phone, you might be interested in another modern wonder: portable cell phones. Imagine being able to answer a phone anywhere at all, even while out and about playing on your DS, or in the office typing out blog entries on your typewriter. Here's a link with some astounding info:

Posted at 9:49PM on Apr 8th 2007 by james

14. "Portable cell phone", huh? Nah, I'd have to buy longer phone cords. What a hassle.

Posted at 9:52PM on Apr 8th 2007 by JC Fletcher

15. It's all well and good, but with the lovely weather we've had over the Bank Holiday weekend here in Blighty, I thought that it was high time for some outdoor gaming. Sad to say though, my trusty DS Heavy's screen simply isn't up to it. And the wife gets in a huff if I pinch her Lite....

Posted at 5:05AM on Apr 9th 2007 by Jonman

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