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DS Daily: Gotta collect 'em all

Preorder a game and you can get anything from a plush chicken to a boobtastic poster, to the worst stuffed Phoenix Wright we've ever seen. But, all complaints aside, extra free stuff is always nice when it comes with something you were going to buy anyway, even if it's not the best quality. But our question on this fine Monday morning is: has a preorder bonus ever tempted you to buy something you might not have purchased? Do they dicate where you buy your games?

Handing out massive damage in Disgaea DS

If there's one thing we know you can do in the upcoming Disgaea DS, it's inflict a lot of damage. Well, we know that and the game will be awesome. It's Disgaea. This isn't rocket science, people!

As said above, the video features Nippon ichi showing off the many ways you can inflict ridiculous amounts of damage. Like, in the millions. The other notable thing about the video above is the pre-order bonus for Japanese gamers. It's possible we could be receiving the same bonus when the title releases to North America in August, but nothing has been set in stone, yet.

Gallery: Disgaea

[Via Siliconera]

Monster Farm DS 2 buyers can become Monster Librarians as well

Though the game was just announced, Tecmo has already revealed a preorder bonus for early purchasers of Monster Farm DS 2, the latest in their Monster Farm/Rancher series of monster-collecting RPGs. The Monster Farm Official Memorial Book covers the 10-year history of the series, starting with its origins on the PlayStation. For fans of that era of Monster Ranching: Tecmo has said that Monster Farm DS 2's system will be similar to Monster Farm 1 and 2.

The Dengeki article that reveals the Memorial Book also features a series of old and new screens, one of which shows something interesting: the "character input" monster creation mode using our familiar Roman alphabet. Which means that you don't need to know kanji to create monsters.

Gamestop preorder bonus for Harvest Moon DS Cute is cute

Gamestop can be so cruel to our wallets. We try to resist their silly preorder bonuses that come with games, but at times it's too hard to ignore the temptation.

The most recent battle of wills comes with Gamestop's bonus for Harvest Moon DS Cute. If you couldn't tell from the picture above, it's a plush cat! That may not seem like a big deal for many of you -- after all, what's another cheap stuffed animal? -- but here at DS Fanboy, we love cats (especially the "lol" kind). Maybe not as much as we love pugs, but we digress.

We like the Harvest Moon series anyway, so normally preordering this game wouldn't be an issue. Yet, since two Harvest Moon games are coming out pretty close to each other, we were hoping to spend our money on Island of Happiness instead. Cute is essentially the same game as Harvest Moon DS, except that the main character is a girl rather than a boy (plus, a few other minor additions). Island of Happiness, on the other hand, is a completely new game with a Lost in Blue meets Harvest Moon concept.

We probably won't waver in our decision to stick with Island of Happiness, but if you're a fan of the franchise and haven't played Harvest Moon DS yet, this preorder bonus might make the purchase a worthwhile one.

[Via Siliconera]

DS Daily: That special stylus

From swords to ... uh, more swords, we've seen quite a few special styli in our day. Some are colorful and some are extendable, but the stylus gift is pretty common with DS games. Do you own any special edition styli? Do you wish you did? If so, which ones? And we're not talking about just any random stylus here, though there are plenty of awesome DS accessories, but those specifically designed for (or that come with) certain games.

Fist of the North Star DS comes with neighsayer

The DS Fist of the North Star game was already an interactive manga in which you tap spots on the screen to beat up on dudes. It was already pretty bizarre. But Spike has decided to pile bizarre upon bizarre with this bonus for early purchasers.

It's a keychain that plays a horse noise. Awesome, right? You could be out anywhere, and suddenly have the urge to listen to the sound of a horse, and just have a horse noise right there. In your pocket. To be fair, the horse immortalized by this keychain is not just some regular horse, but Kokuoh-Go, Raoh's giant horse who is also a king. Unfortunately, we don't know what Kokuoh-Go sounds like, but maybe his neigh is way tougher-sounding than a normal horse's.

GAME Watch has some new screens of the game, in case you're as interested in extremely violent screen-tapping as we are.

Sakura Taisen is overprotective

Sega's limited-edition release of the new Sakura Taisen dungeon crawler, Dramatic Dungeon Sakura Taisen: Kimi Arugatame, is heavy on the DS adornments, to the point of being ridiculous. In addition to a soft system case, the All-Star Pack also includes a slip-on shell and three stickers, each emblazoned with a different squad's colors and logo. The package also includes three DS card cases in a similar motíf.

For those whose lust for stuff with logos on it extends beyond DS care, Sega will also be giving away Sakura Taisen cups, bowls, and mugs in a contest. That contest will no doubt have numerous entries, since Sakura Taisen is a series big enough to support its own cafe.

[Via Dengeki]

DS Daily: Preorders

We may be sad about the distinct lack of preorder goodness with Contra 4, but we still have a few other goodies to tide us over, like the adorable Phoenix Wright plush available with advance orders of Trials and Tribulations. After a lengthy discussion about preorder bonuses dominated the DS Fanboy offices yesterday, we decided to turn to you guys. We admit -- we pony up in advance at times to snag certain cool items, even though we don't always think preordering is a good idea (sometimes they don't get our stuff as promised!). Still, some things are just too good to resist. Do you go in for 'em as well? If so, what are some of the best you've gotten? We were pretty fond of the Portrait of Ruin pack, personally.

Preorder Phoenix Wright, pick up plush

We'd like to present this item that will, no doubt, convince you to find our client, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations, worth buying. If you got the import, then, well, time to eBay and reorder.

You can only get this little Phoenix by preordering the game through GameStop or Capcom's own online store. Then you can TAKE THAT! plush that you get, and HOLD IT! if you have any OBJECTIONS! to a bad dream.

If you're not all Ace Attorneyed out by our awful jokes, we recommend this rumination on the series, and its lifebar in particular, by the ever-brilliant dessgeega.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker has hard-to-picture bonus

According to RPGamer, copies of Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker preordered from Amazon, GameCrazy or GameStop will include a "combination DS charm, keychain, and map." Apparently the map can also be used as a screen cleaner.

Alone, none of these are particularly unusual giveaways. The cloth map has been an RPG box standby since early Ultima, and keychains are ubiquitous as preorder bonuses. But in combination? Are we really supposed to hang our keys from our DS? We'll need more than a screen-cleaning map (that part, at least, is super-clever) to buff out the hundreds of scratches to the surface of the system.

[Via GayGamer]

Registration Age: Get free stuff in minutes a day

This rainbow of DS Lite styli can be yours for the low, low price of a few minutes on Nintendo's website. Brain Age 2 owners can register on my.nintendo.com (which we should all do anyway for the extremely sporadic bonuses like this) and take a short survey about how awesome the game is, and in return they'll get a "gift box" containing these seven styli!

Unfortunately, while our brains may be well-trained, our browsers may not all be in such great condition: some would-be applicants are reporting technical difficulties with the site-- specifically that the survey doesn't pop up. Maybe it's a training exercise for Nintendo's IT team.

[Via GoNintendo]

Monster Rancher DS and some guy in a puffy suit

We may love Monster Rancher like ice cream, but we totally draw the line at donning a huge, unwieldy Mocchi suit. In other words, we don't envy this guy's (gal's?) job one bit, but we still love the idea of a Monster Rancher event. Especially since attendees learned an interesting tidbit of information -- when the shop that hosted the event's name was spoken into the DS, the sounds produced a special monster. Considering preorder copies also come with a unique monster, Tecmo is starting gamers out right with the franchise's latest version. We'll have to give the phrase GAMES Maya a go when we pick up the localized version ... just in case.

The event also featured quality time with the Mocchi-suited mascot and a quiz about the Monster Rancher series, as well as a chance to try out the new monster creation features. Sounds like a good time was had by all! For those of you lucky enough to be around a Japanese download station, you can snag a Monster Rancher demo right now, as well.

DS Daily: Bonus GET

We hinted in the Phoenix Wright covers post that we're completely in the thrall of the preorder bonus. Sometimes, a free thing that we don't really want will help tip the scales in favor of buying a game. We were totally going to get Gyakuten Saiban 3 anyway, but now we're feeling more pressure to get our preorder in expediently.

Have you felt this way? Are you drawn to free stuff that isn't really that great, because it's free, and because it's got pictures of characters from games you like? Does it influence your decision to purchase the game? Really cool stuff we understand, but we're talking about a 'meh' bonus that drives you to change your purchasing habits. We'll put it another way: Who's got the Pokemon stylus holder?

Japanese Phoenix Wright 3 gets boring bonus

If you buy the Japanese Best Price release of Gyakuten Saiban 3-- cue the chorus of "don't buy it or Capcom won't localize the next one"-- you may be entitled to a set of reversible box covers for the whole series of DS releases. It looks like they're designed so you can store 2 games to a case.

However, the Gyakuten Saiban series already uses a consistent boxart design in Japan, meaning that all four of the DS games already match. And on top of that, the design for these bonuses is significantly less interesting than the original boxart. Of course, we're still getting this thing.

We wish it was nicer-looking, but it's lovely of Capcom to hand out bonus stuff in general. We hope these get included with import orders (that's right, we're ordering the import!)

And I think to myself, what a wonderful preorder bonus

Fans anticipating the release of It's a Wonderful World won't have just a limited edition DS Lite bundle to look forward to; Square Enix announced today that preordering the Shibuya-district RPG in advance of its July 27th release will also net gamers a miniature kitten to hitch onto your handheld.

The feline charm mimics Pochi, a stuffed cat that plays into Shiki Misaki's (IAWW's female lead) special attacks, and also doubles as a wipe to keep your DS screens free of dust and kitty litter. Pounce past the post break for some in-game screenshots of Pochi.

See also:

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