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Ninja Gaiden's REAL Ultimate Scanned Power!!!!

Why, hello there, Ryu Hayabusa. It's been a while since we've seen you outside of the same old recycled screens. We were starting to worry, but here you are again, looking very, uh ... ninja-ish. And awesome. Did we mention that? Our favorite ninja hero was featured in the latest (Chinese?) Famitsu and we were treated to a beautiful two-page spread that reminded us why we must get our hands on this title as soon as possible. But it's not just the look -- it's everything, particularly the creative, no-frills approach Team Ninja is taking with the handheld installment. While we dream of action and adventure, trip gaily past the break and check out the scans for yourself.

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Famitsu reveals Etrian Odyssey 2 is in the works

Click image to enlarge

When stumbling upon these images for the sequel to Etrian Odyssey, we understood what we were getting into. There would be more dungeons, which we may or may not need to crawl around, and it would also feature a lot of character customization and other genre staples. No big whoop, right? Wrong.

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Metal Slug 7, Doki Doki Majo Shinpan 2 on the way

This week's Famitsu contains two SNK mini-megatons, according to the NeoGAFfers liveblogging their readthroughs. First, a sequel to a game that plenty of people think shouldn't have existed in the first place, Doki Doki Majo Shinpan. Maybe this one will be less boring than the original. Or, maybe it'll be exactly like the first one.

The other game is something that people can express their interest in, even outside of the safe anonymity of the Internet: Metal Slug 7. This is the first game in the main series not to be released to arcades, and it's going to be a DS game (Metal Slug 3D was a Japanese PS2 release, and Metal Slug Advance came out on the GBA). It also means that the same system is getting brand new (2D) Contra and Metal Slug games, and is therefore the best system ever for the run & gun game.

Level-5 bringing soccer RPG to the DS

Level-5 is set to bring a very unique title to the DS in Japan. A soccer game with RPG mechanics, Inazuma Eleven was first revealed via Famitsu magazine in Japan. The game will charge players with taking on rival teams, all while controlling the action with the stylus.

As if that weren't enough, the game is also going to support wi-fi, allowing players to battle each other online as well as exchange things. The game will also feature over 1,000 different characters.

You can't get a weirder combination of genres and, because of that, we're instantly interested.

Some more stuff to wrap your DS in

If you ever wanted your DS case to look like a purse, than you've come to exactly the right place. And, like a designer purse, they're going to cost you. Going on sale next month in Japan, each case will require 6720 Yen (or about $58). While we find the cases to be particularly stylish, we don't think they're worth that much money.

What say you all?

[Via Go Nintendo]

Vaan and Penelo make it into Final Fantasy Tactics A2

For the Final Fantasy nut in you, Famitsu has just put up some new screens for Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced 2 (what a title!). The screens reveal the inclusion of two characters from the PS2 title Final Fantasy XII (and its upcoming DS spin-off title Revenant Wings) in Vaan and Penelo.

Aside from that, machine translation hasn't given us any more information to go on.

Gallery: FF Tactics A2

Fresh hot Exit DS screens

Famitsu has posted some new screens for Exit DS, showing off some of the game's environments and different obstacles Mr. ESC will have to tackle. What's interesting about these screens is that they reveal the game's main screen for action will be that of the bottom screen. This leads us to believe that the title will feature touch-screen controls.

While many have said that the control method on the PSP suited the game nicely, we're interested in seeing how the game will handle itself with touch controls.

Famitsu scans for Exit escape onto the net

Yesterday's news was quite welcome, in our eyes, as we'd always wanted to try Ubisoft's game Exit, however we didn't feel like having our hands melt off from touching a Sony product (we kid!). Luckily, we're getting a version of the game for our favorite handheld, so we won't have to bother with the PSP game. Now, courtesy of JeuxFrance, we've got some scans from that very issue of Famitsu to gawk at.

You can catch them past the post break.

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Archaic Sealed Scans

Alright, Mistwalker. We've seen the scans, and even these beautiful portraits of mages, thieves and more can't tempt us from our real desire. We want video on Archaic Sealed Heat. We want website updates. We want more! But at this rate, with the game less than two months away, we may not get much more than we already have -- and that makes us very sad. We need more opportunities to express our need for this game (and to make sure we do need it) so that someone starts localizing it. The sooner the better, we say.

In the meantime, we'll just have to make due with the latest from Famitsu. Hit the jump to check it out.

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It's a whole new world for Final Fantasy IV

We don't even know where to start with these latest Famitsu scans, other than to say that they look great, and no release date for the DS take on Final Fantasy IV can possibly come soon enough. From the crazy character art to the gorgeous screens, this title looks singularly fantastic. Oh, Square Enix. Even when we want to be a little irked by this remake, since we just got another FFIV not long ago, we can't -- because you know how to massage the DS engine.

Hit the jump for the scans -- it's worth the journey, if only for the outrageous take on Cecil and Kain, which looks like it was created by the bastard child of Frank Frazetta and six random dudes at Marvel. It is, uh, different. The screens, however, are undoubtedly fantastic.

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The DS juggernaut continues to roll through Japan

You guys aren't going to believe this one. Are you ready? Okay -- it seems that the DS Lite is somewhat popular in Japan, and has been for a long time. Wow, who knew?

Alright, all sarcasm aside, according to the Famitsu Marketing Data Report for June (covering May 28-June 24), Nintendo is the force driving the Japanese gaming market into the stratosphere. Overall sales numbers for the industry were up more than 25%, and most of that is due to the fact that hardware sales are up nearly 50%. Why? All signs point to the DS. For fifteen consecutive months, the handheld has moved more than 500,000 units in Japan. But it's not all about the DS, particularly when we turn to the software numbers. Combined, software for Nintendo platforms accounted for more than 81% of software sales.

With the release of two new DS Lite colors in Japan, it seems likely that at least part of the handheld's success is due to the variety of models available. Not that the DS needs any real help in the Americas, but we're willing to bet that a few new colors might produce results here as well.

[Via 1P Start]

Snazzy velcro cases wrap your DS Lite in style

Japanese manufacturer Suono has got their finger on the pulse of trendy DS Lite cases, manufacturing some of the most visually appealing cloth cases we've ever seen. Sure, they're not as functional as the case we already use, but we can't deny the sheer pleasure we'd feel as we whipped our DS Lite out from within the stylish confines of one of Suono's smooth cotton cloth cases. The addition of a velcro strip only makes us want one even more.

The price for the case is really the only thing we can imagine would deter one from ordering, as each one will cost you over $30 USD, not to mention the addition of shipping. But with the variety of styles available, price can't get in your way forever. So, with that in mind, any of you out there planning on ordering one of these up?

[Via Famitsu]

Command an army of squirrels with Ecolis

We're not sure how we missed Ecolis when the game was first announced last February, but Insert Credit thankfully brought the colorful RTS to our eager attention. Developed by Lightweight (Bushido Blade series), Ecolis charges you with the task of defending wilderness habitats from pollution and deforestation. You'll have a variety of woodland creatures to manage and command during the FernGully-esque adventure.

The concept art alone was enough to leave us charmed, but the accompanying screenshots are filled with just as much character. Head past the post break for Famitsu's magazine scans of the title from a few months ago. If you have any idea what that orange, message-bag-carrying creature is supposed to be, make sure to drop us a line.

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It's a Wonderful World of wonderful bundles

Famitsu has revealed that a special bundle is in the works for the upcoming It's a Wonderful World, with a special edition DS Lite to boot. Set to release alongside the game on July 27th in Japan and where the game will sell for 5980 Yen (or $49.76 US), the price for the bundle has yet to be determined. Regardless of when it releases, we just hope they put some thought into the design of the special edition DS Lite and don't slap it together like some other special edition DS Lites we've seen.

Voice chat in the works for Phantom Hourglass?

Last week's issue of Famitsu hid more in its Japanese text than just the June 23rd release date for The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. Zelda Universe's novice translation of the scanned pages indicates that the title might support online voice chat. Though this feature doesn't seem useful beyond setting up matches and trash-talking with your friends, it's a nice addition to the meager multiplayer mode.

With upcoming games like Pokemon Diamond/Pearl and Panel de Pon also planning to use the Nintendo DS' VoIP capabilities, purchasing the uncomfortable-looking, official headset is beginning to make a lot more sense to us. Of all the titles we expected to eventually include voice communication, Phantom Hourglass was definitely not one of them.

Update: Having a bit more experience with the Japanese language, The Hylia translated the Famitsu scans in an effort to confirm this news. Much to our dismay, The Hylia found that there is no voice chat support planned for The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass.

[Via Digg]

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